December 11, 2018

Search by Color

We’re proud to show the world our latest search and discovery feature, Search by Color. Using this search tool, you can easily find trendsetting imagery that matches your design aesthetic. Search by Color is a creative solution that will assist you in discovering more cohesive artwork.

search by color stocksy

Search with the Color Bar

Drag the slider to find the perfect color for your project. Don’t forget to dial in even closer with the alternative tints and shades just below. There are millions of hue possibilities, so let yourself get lost in the rainbow. You’ll be as obsessed with trying out new color ideas as we are.

Search by Hex Code

If you know the exact color needed for your project, type it in and instantly browse all of the assets that match your needs. Never before has it been so seamless to find just the right shade. Pantone just released their color of the year for 2019, check out the results.

search by color stocksy

Search With Facets

Enter your search term and narrow it down by adjusting the color bar or entering your hex code into the search by color facet on the left hand of the screen. Here we searched one of our favorite terms and got some rather lovely results.

Endless Inspiration

Instant inspiration is only a click away. Every time you visit the Search by Color page, we pick a fresh color palette for you to see. We also have a random icon that you can click to see a new random color. Endless inspiration at the click of a button. Let us know if you find a new favorite color.

search by color stock photography hex code stocksy

Cohesive Imagery Tells a Stronger Story

Designers deeply understand the power of a color palette, it’s like the rug that really ties the room together. Any type of work, from a web page or magazine layout, can be made stronger with a tightly controlled colorway. Also, don’t forget about our Visual Search feature that allows you to drop an inspiration image anywhere on our site and see visually similar imagery.

Stocksy United is an artist-owned photo + video licensing co-op run by relentless creatives and risk takers. We are motivated by a shared love of visual art, working together to inspire and elevate design that challenges convention. Created by artists, united by respect.

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