By: Tara Campbell

Top Ideas articles of 2022

In 2022, after a long, strategically designed and thought out process, we launched our new blog and called it Ideas – a place to throw down our ideas, inspire your ideas, provide an arena for creative exploration, reflect on culture, and celebrate our contributors’ work.

This year, our best and most read articles reflected the variety in our audience’s ideas and interests. From debranding to decolonizing, business content to women in media, contributor interviews to design trends, these are the posts people like you read most. Give them a gander and see what ideas pop up for the coming year’s creative campaigns.

Revisiting, rebranding, debranding: how to evolve with your brand

Not long ago, our world was entirely different. In the past 2 years alone, we’ve been through a pandemic, extraordinary climate disruptions, major political transitions, and transformative social reckonings. Culture, society, and individuals have adapted to new norms faster than ever before—but where do brands fit into this rapid pace of transformation? And what are the new standards for developing as a modern, equitable brand?

Funny white David statue with credit cards covering eyes on white background with copy space
Yaroslav Danylchenko

How to start decolonizing your brand

The term “decolonize” has recently entered the mainstream vocabulary. Calls to decolonize business, branding, healthcare, design, fashion, academia, and many other institutions are becoming louder and more commonplace. But what exactly is decolonization? And why is it a crucial practice to evolve your brand?

Creative Brief: The Art of the Portrait

People love portraits. We are surrounded by them. We see representations of people everywhere. But why are we so drawn to pictures of other people? More curiously, how can a stock portrait of an anonymous person capture our attention?

Your 2023 guide to better business stock media

Business-centered concepts are a pillar of stock content, but to be fresh and relevant, this category demands continuous refreshing. Visual styles change, technology evolves, and new office cultures and work patterns take foot.

Contributor Interview: Ana Luz Crespi

We’re excited to share the Contributor Interview with Ana Luz Crespi with you. Read on to discover their passion for dance, how they make sure people are feeling comfortable and at ease, and what role creative briefs play in their creation process.

Modern women in media

In the media industry, we have a legacy of storytelling that often falls short when exploring and representing the female experience.

San Francisco Street Corner
Dacian Groza

Stocksy Currents: The Corner Mart aesthetic

There’s a new trend in town that’s infiltrating businesses big and small. A visual representation of a shared experience. We see them every day, yet rarely take notice of their weight in our collective consciousness. They provide an array of everyday needs ranging from lighters, to trashy magazines, to late-night twinkie runs and have been the grounds for communion over many a curbside snack. Convenience stores — the unsung nostalgic throwback of our modern lives.


How Meta propelled their progressive business marketing with Stocksy media

At Stocksy, we’re always excited to connect and collaborate with our clients to learn how they ideate around stock media, think about the future, and leverage Stocksy to achieve their creative goals.

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