Find Your Frequency Fund

The Find Your Frequency Fund is a giveaway intended to amplify LGBTQIA2S+ creator voices and bring more dream projects to life. Find instructions on how to enter and full contest rules.

Pride: beyond the visible spectrum

As our global understanding of identity has evolved, we have uncovered that identity is expressed along a fluid, evolving spectrum rather than a restrictive, polarized, and confined binary. And like the electromagnetic spectrum, there are frequencies and wavelengths of identity that are seen and unseen but always present.

Prawns, pools & pavlova: Christmas Aussie style

There are plenty of classic elements that Northern Hemisphere folk associate with the holidays – flannel pyjamas, drinking coffee in said PJs all morning, looking through frosted windows framing winter wonderlands of snowman potential, big roasts, mashed potatoes, gravy, you get the picture.

There’s more to fall than foliage photos

When we think toward fall imagery, we most often imagine a shifting physical landscape — a palette of vibrant oranges, reds, and golds. However, for many of us, fall speaks more to a welcome respite from the hectic lifestyle of summer. It gives us a chance to breathe and digest our experiences, welcoming change and setting aside time for introspection.

Leisure for liberty with Audrey Shtecinjo

Juxtaposing carefree recreation with Brutalist architecture, Serbian photographer Audrey Shtecinjo tells a story of freedom in their latest Stocksy set. Shot in the New Belgrade military projects built in the Communist era, Shtecinjo showcases the pastimes of urban youth to communicate hope within an oppressive political environment. Shtecinjo notes, “I wanted to show how young people use creativity to live as they choose and find freedom, despite the circumstances.”

Salt & solitude with Max Kütz

In his latest Stocksy shoot entitled “Salt & Solitude”, Dallas native Max Kütz applies his signature minimalist style to the monochromatic expanse of Oklahoma’s salt flats. Armed with a first-time model and a fashion designer stylist, Kütz and his crew work together to flawlessly communicate a mood of introversion and reclusiveness, the subject lost amidst an empty and seemingly limitless landscape.

Catherine MacBride’s paper planet

It may seem a little odd, but I have always loved paper. As a child, I would sit with scissors in hand, cutting out chains of people & freeing snowflakes from sheets of paper just to entertain myself.

Lost in the American dream

When he’s not deep in the throes of a fashion shoot or a project for the music industry, Austin based Matt Lief Anderson can be found experimenting with his passion for instant film photography.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja

In a body of saline water so concentrated it emanates the scent of salt, Las Salinas de Torrevieja lake in the Alicante region of Spain offers its summer spectacle each year. The soaring temperatures of the warm seasons create blooms of beta-carotene (yes the same thing that makes carrots orange) resulting in this liquid sunset fantasy. Just as incredible as it looks on camera, Stocksy artist, Javier Pardina assures that a visit to the peaches and bubblegum pink lake is well worth the visit and even a dip if you don’t mind emerging from its lagoon like a salt-glazed flamingo.