By: Stocksy

The best of Stocksy 2023 – Staff Picks

We never get tired of new work submitted to Stocksy. The constant flow of creativity from our talented artists is one of the best parts of working here.

We are guaranteed to be inspired every day – whether by a new illustration that makes your mind wander, a video that lets you experience a new part of the world, a photo filled with emotions that tug on your heartstrings, or a 3d render that transports you through a dream world. 

The inspiration translates directly into our curated feed and galleries, social media, and marketing campaigns. Internally we share works that caught our attention because we want more people to share in our joy.

Below you will find the best, most inspiring, and creative work as chosen by our staff for 2023.  This is one little way to say thank you to all the artists who make Stocksy the best marketplace. Their hard work and dedication itself is an inspiration. Their work makes us believe in art, day in and day out. 


Highway Light
A.J. Schokora

The framing, lighting, and contrast of this image are all incredible. And it’s timeless in a way that feels forever modern rather than vintage. Eternally cool.

-Aaron Bergunder, UX Designer

Girl Is Moving In The Sky
Volia Bigel

Volia’s portraits are full of emotion, and beautiful light, and are always a pleasure. This image contains so many emotions, and the colors, perspective, and composition create a stunning image.

-Amy Covington, Intermediate Editor

Man Pointing To The Stars
Carlos Gonzales

I am so excited to see Carlos’ portfolio continue to grow. His work within the Amazon Rainforest is very exciting and feels special to me having grown up in Latin America. I love this image in particular for its sense of wonder and discovery. It gets at the unlimited curiosity we can have if we take the time to look for it.

-Andrea Fernandez, Sr. Creative Research Associate


I love how Sofija turns simple everyday themes into illustrations and animations, and picking one favorite is quite the task. Her portfolio is full of small pieces of everyday life. Her imagination is at the point where she creates a wonderful mix of real-life and abstract thoughts.

Boris Jovanovic, Intermediate Editor

A Modern Still Life With A Protea Flower And A Shell.
Natalia Mishina

Natalia’s still lives are standouts for me. What sets her work apart is her innovative approach, consistently injecting new and unexpected elements into her compositions. Her bold sense of experimentation and incorporation of unconventional materials, particularly her ingenious use of water and glass, infuses her images with a distinct impressionistic quality that makes them feel brimming with life.

Bry Williams, Graphic Designer

Portrait Of Elderly Man Holding Giant Mushroom
Anfisa & friends

I remember the day this strange but captivating portrait came into the collection. Something about the colors, the man’s expression, and the way he’s holding the mushroom just keeps holding my attention. I actually don’t like mushrooms, but I love this portrait.

Cara Dolan, Creative Research Lead


I love the intensity and the motion on this one. You can feel the freedom and the breeze watching it. I really enjoy Ivan’s creativity and fresh perspectives.

Felix Chacon, Junior Editor

Boys In The Backseat Of The Car
Kalenga Nkonge

This summarizes my year and if I had to give it a title, it would be ‘In Motion’. It captures the constant, vibrant activity of a family that never has a dull moment. The moment defines so much of the brother’s character, with the black and white giving it an authentic touch.

Gabi Bucataru, Education Specialist

It’s really hard to pick a favorite image from Yuan Lei’s portfolio. What I love so much about this image in particular is that it doesn’t go out of its way to explain to you grandma’s vitality or her personality or her age; Instead, it achieves this through subtle details like the foregrounded bike, the worn handbag strap on its handlebar, the soft folds in her back and jazzy bathing suit, the breeze tousling her neat hair, and the river where she still swims.

Genevieve Ross, Creative Director

Olena Hnatiuk

I love this for its palette; for the pops of colour on the flag flying in the breeze and on the beaks of the choughs; for the tiny alarmed cat on the steps; for the warmth and antiquity that remind me of many places I’ve visited – both in Greece and beyond. But most of all, because if I saw it hanging on the wall of a gallery, I’d buy it to hang on my wall.

Helen Rushbrook, Counsel

Businessman Behind Smoke
Marta Lebek

It’s been a year filled with inspiring illustrations, and the works of Marta Lebek never fail to trigger my imagination. Their minimalistic style lets my mind flow over with ideas of stories or movies that could belong to them.

Ivar Teunissen, Artist Relations Lead

Diversity, Portrait Women Teamwork
María Soledad Kubat

Love, friendship, and support even when we look at the world through different glasses. And bursting colors. María Soledad Kubat’s work always puts a smile on my face.

Jelena Jojic Tomic, Junior Editor


2023 was a huge year for illustration and animation. I love seeing hand-drawn art in a growing sea of AI and appreciate how our artists creatively and cleverly tackle difficult concepts. This animation by one of our new artists, Sofija Djukic, is funny and relatable.

-Jen Grantham, Content Director

Night Landscape With Starry Sky And Creatures Collecting Fallen Stars
Kateja Nikolaenko

This illustration is such a delight, with colors that are both relaxing and uplifting. It evokes memories of the joy I felt when I first saw fireflies or spent hours watching a comet with my kids. It conjures up the happiness of sitting outside as dusk falls, surrounded by friends.

Julia Forsman, Editor Lead

Brown Bear And Salmon
Paul Tessier

I loved this series when I first saw them, and I still love them now.  Wildlife photography is not an easy discipline by any means,  factor in the long journeys, early mornings, often freezing cold weather and endless patience. This one is such a beautiful take.

Karim Perales, Senior Editor

Preteen Smiles At Camera In Wildflower Field
Maria Manco

As a mostly film photographer, I love a good Black and White image, especially an environmental portrait like this photo by Maria Manco that evokes a strong sense of emotion, place and time.

-Ken Bryson, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager

One of the best fashion portraits I’ve seen in a while, the whole series is fantastic as most work from Iryna is, love the way she uses the environment, the light. The model’s acting is wonderful and the fashion is a delight. Looking forward to seeing and publishing a lot more of her work.

Leandro Crespi, Editor

Color And Glass Pattern
Anne Groos

I am a lover of abstracts, and this one brings the magic–all the reflections and refractions and layers and lines. It’s over the top, yet balanced. Reminiscent of the planes of cubism–representing every perspective and moment, but with more glamour and sparkle. I’d love to print it HUGE.

– Margaret Vincent, Interim CEO, VP of Legal


Lucia’s work is playful, haunting, introspective, meditative, and always terrifyingly honest. The final frames of this clip kill me, I love it.

-Mark Pollard, Metadata Specialist


I love cuteness of this video, simple yet precious moment between a parent and a child. Zachary’s work does it very well in his still small yet well curated selections of clips.

Marko Milovanović, Intermediate Editor

Newborn Baby's Birthday Celebration
Lilith Matevosyan

I’m a sucker for analog film. I love how the nostalgic feeling adds emotion to each image and video. This photo has a warm and calming color palette that pulls me into the scene. I can imagine being the cameraman and smiling while capturing such a special moment for this family.

-Masagi Sinnott, Sr. Marketing Specialist

Toddler Cries As Sister Decorates Christmas Tree
Samantha Gehrmann

Perhaps it’s because I’m in the throes of the holiday season with an 18-month-old myself but this photo speaks to me. The juxtaposition of the careful and deliberate tree decorating older sister set against the wailing of a frustrated younger brother. The slackness in his hands and absence of tears indicating we’re at the beginning stages of what could be a full-on toddler meltdown if he doesn’t get his way. Oh, and the absence of pants with that sweet bent knee makes be swoon. Samantha has a wonderful way of capturing pure family moments. Perfection.

-Michelle Sadler, Director of Co-op Operations

A dark skin model with a blonde hair in a river.
Laitan king

With our push to find new artists from underrepresented regions in the world, I’m really excited to see work coming from Nigeria, one of Africa’s major creative hubs. Laitain’s fine art portraiture is the type of work I would pay see in a gallery. I can’t wait to see more from Laitan, and to see more artists from different parts of the world sharing their unique perspectives and creativity.

Micky Wiswedel, Intermediate Editor & Jr. Creative Research Associate

3d Render With Abstract Pink Tones
Javier Pardina

Beautiful interaction between shapes and colors. I also love the textures used as it gives the render a very unique look.

Pavel Gramatikov, Intermediate Editor

Happy Kitten In Summer Light
Maite Pons

I just want to be like the cat and it’s the most memorable cat picture I’ve seen all year on Stocksy.

-Ryan Yip, Social Media Coordinator

Couple Organizing Their Room
Felix Chacon

Felix Chacon captured a moment that is so relatable and loveable. Audiences are increasingly connecting with user generated content (UGC) and true to life moments from brands they can relate to. This photo is exactly that – the voice of everyday living.

-Steph MacDonald, Marketing Lead

Abandoned Bouquet In Istanbul
Sindre Deschington

The stories this image can tell are endless. Is it a moment with a memory of someone? Shrapnel left behind from a chaotic parking lot affair? Is somebody in trouble somewhere? The potential is palpable. I want to swallow it whole.

Tara Campbell, Sr. Content Marketing Manager