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Reset the Holidays: Seasonal Media Trends

As the calendar inches closer to the holiday season, Stocksy is excited to be your creative companion as you prepare for your holiday projects. Alongside the festive spirit, we’re eagerly anticipating the fresh visual trends that will shape this festive season.

Join us as we unwrap the exciting trends set to illuminate screens and inspire creativity throughout this festive season.

Diversity and Togetherness: Modern Families

Marketing is taking a transformative step towards representing the rich tapestry of relationships that define contemporary families. The 2023 holiday season will acknowledge and embrace this shift, weaving narratives that show true-to-life families celebrating diversity and togetherness through portraying modern, mixed, and chosen families.

The nuclear family model has expanded to include a spectrum of configurations, from multi-generational households to families formed through adoption, marriage, and more. In holiday campaigns, you can expect to see scenes that resonate deeply with the diverse realities of our lives. From grandparents teaching grandchildren their recipes to step-siblings sharing gifts, stories will reflect that connection matters the most.

A Value-Oriented Mindset: The Gift of Time

With elevated living costs soaring across much of the globe, a shift is taking place in the collective mindset of embracing the most precious currency of all – time spent with loved ones. As wallets continue to stay tight , the focus of the holiday season will be on creating meaningful experiences with family, friends, and loved ones. Key themes will be the value of shared moments, laughter, and stories. Just as every family has its own unique story, expect heartwarming campaigns that emphasize narrative depth and the art of crafting memories that outshine material possessions.

For rich, warm, and genuine holiday visuals that capture candid moments of connection between friends, family, and loved ones, explore our collection Reconnect the Holidays.


“All is Bright”: Vibrant Concepts and Color Palettes

Ramping up to winter 2023, the festive aesthetic is taking a dazzling turn with vibrant colors and bold designs. Drawing inspiration from sources like Pantone’s 2023 Pink and the Barbie movie’s seismic cultural influence, a “maximalist” approach is reenergizing holiday visuals, signaling a major shift in design sensibility toward the purely fun and visually sensual.


In the design world, scientists have mimicked the nanostructure of iridescence, mimicking the colors and finish of surfaces such as peacock feathers and butterfly wings. Along with these developments that invite glittering cosmic textures, the holiday season promises to be a mix of eye-catching hues and unapologetically joyful forms, luster and whimsy.

The illustration direction continues to be childcore-inspired — playful, simplistic, and nostalgic.

For a contemporary update on festive concepts and illustrations, please peek at our gallery Reimagine the Holidays, or head to Redecorate the Holidays, for decorations and decor.

“All is Calm”: Back Country Retreat

Amidst the vibrancy of maximalist trends, there’s also a tranquil counterpoint in connecting with nature and refreshing spaces. Drawing inspiration from the serenity of snow-capped woodlands and back-country vistas, this aesthetic is characterized by forest glow and natural textures, connection to the natural world, magic and folklore, mushrooms, Scandinavian design, foraged produce, and connecting guests to the “world around us”. It’s a return to nature, evoking a sense of warmth and grounding. From interior décor to land, this aesthetic will infuse a touch of tranquility and a retreat from the festive hustle and bustle into the winter holidays.

Local Getaways: Rediscovering the Charm of Home Turf

In the wake of last year’s travel turmoil, there’s a resurgence of interest in local getaways. Families are reevaluating the tradition of packing bags and jetting off, instead embracing the delights of hometown adventures and regional exploration. Driving excursions, cozy hotel stays and immersion in local experiences are emerging as the new holiday trend. The holiday season becomes an opportunity to unearth hidden gems in our backyards, fostering a renewed appreciation for the treasures close to home, especially those that involve getting out into the great outdoors, winter sports, and restorative spaces and activities.

Restore the Holidays is a winter take on our popular informal, people-centric travel collection. These curated stock photos & footage focus on moments and experiences with a fresh take on the tourist gaze… in cooler climates.

Emphasis on Social: Hacking the Algorithm

Brands increasingly lean into the Christmas chaos with raw and relatable visuals that evoke content sharing on our favorite social platforms. Moving away from highly idealized standards and embracing the imperfect, homemade, DIY, and first-person POV is a crucial media trend.

In the digital realm, social advertising is taking center stage for the 2023 holiday season. Brands are adopting strategies to connect with their audiences, leveraging 9:16 layouts and portrait orientations to hack algorithms and capture their audience’s attention. This year’s emphasis on social-first campaigns encourages brands to put people front and center – the algorithm’s preferred focal point. This approach promises visibility and authentic engagement that resonates with the season’s spirit.


Pro Tip: Think social first-storytelling.

Crafting successful marketing campaigns demands a social-first mindset, where creative choices carefully consider how we are connecting with social communities. With over 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide, businesses can’t afford to ignore the fact that social media now accounts for 57% of consumer content consumption, underscoring the imperative for campaigns to blend into users’ social experiences seamlessly. To make it easy for you, we’ve curated an entire gallery with reels in mind. Explore gallery: Reel in the Holidays

Expanding POV: Celebrating Holidays with a Global Lens

From the exuberant Christmas traditions of Argentina to the illuminating Diwali celebrations in India, or the serene Christmas on the beach in Australia, each region carries unique stories, flavors, and customs that unite people in the spirit of joy and togetherness. Brands are embracing a more global perspective by recognizing and celebrating diverse holidays and cultural traditions from around the world, particularly the vibrant traditions of the Southern Hemisphere during their summer festivities. Explore gallery.

As we prepare to embrace the 2023 holiday season, these trends promise to shape our experiences, both as consumers and creators. From valuing the intangible gifts of time to rediscovering the allure of local destinations and celebrating vibrant hues to finding solace in nature-inspired aesthetics, this year’s holiday journey will be notable. With social advertising as the guiding star, brands have the opportunity to create campaigns that truly connect. So, let’s unwrap the magic, embrace the trends, and reclaim the holidays.

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