December 19, 2017

Plan New Year's Eve Like A Boss

The big night is nigh — an evening of sequins, crushed velvet, sparkling everything and grandiose expectations. Too often the glamour hype and recklessness of New Year’s Eve leads to missed opportunities and epic disappointments. There are, however, small rituals and safety nets one can put in place to avoid potential party pitfalls. Follow these guidelines and you’ve got a much better chance of ringing in the new year with good vibes and flash filled fun.

Gather The Troops

Do not wait until after Christmas to start asking your friends what they’re doing for New Year’s. Do that and you’re bound to buy a ticket to a second-rate soirée that will likely disappoint and still cost you a small fortune. Take the initiative and organize the troops to buy into the same event in advance so you are with all your homies when the ball drops.

Rest Up

Don’t plan to run a million errands on the 31st. Get your outfit and party favours ready by the 30th so you can spend the day maxing and relaxing. Take a midday nap if you know what’s good for you.

Pre-party With Pals

Showing up cold to a party (straight from home with no in-betweens) is rarely a good idea. Meet up with some good people, have a couple and ease into your own brand of weird for the night.

4. Clear Your Phone Or Bring A Polaroid

You know when you’re about to capture the most epic picture of the night and your phone says “Unable to Take Photo” and then you scramble to clear some space but by the time you’ve figured your life out the moment has passed? Make some selfie storage room before you go out for the night. Better yet, bring a polaroid or a disposable camera for those extra special moments

Set a Smooching Contingency

Avoid the awkward friend kiss by co-ordinating in advance. It’s going to happen. People do the kissing thing. Either have a contingency plan or be ready for whatever may come your way.

Stay Hydrated + Eat Food

Biggest New Year’s mistake: solely drinking champagne all night long. A heavy dinner is going to make you want to snuggle up with Netflix but skipping food altogether is going to send you home spinning before the dance party starts. Snack for success (stash an energy bar for hanger security).

Dance Your Feet Off

It’s a new year. This is your year. Do not waste it being shy.

Plan Your Exit

The most potentially painful part of New Year’s is the sobering 4 hours it takes to get home. It’s 3am, you’re exhausted, cold and dreaming of your bed but every cab that goes by has its lights turned off. If you live in a city that doesn’t have all night transit, plan a limousine with some friends or arrange a pickup beforehand. Get home safe and happy.

✨Whatever happens, this year is going to be radical.✨


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