December 1, 2015

Paul Tessier: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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Wildlife photographer Paul Tessier has spent the past 20+ years travelling the world, documenting incredible moments in the animal kingdom.


// What was your path to becoming a professional photographer?

I gained an interest in photography during high school and pretty much stuck with it ever since I have worked as a wedding photographer and as a product photographer. Those subjects for me glazed over my love for the craft. One day I just decided, if I was going to do it I would have to make the kind of images that spoke to me personally, and for me that was animals in the wild.

// What’s the story behind your winning image?

I spent several nights photographing stars in the Serengeti area. Serengeti is a magical place at night.  With amazing views of the stars and wildlife all around. I wanted to create an image that captured this mood.

// What has been the greatest influence in your work?

I don’t feel like I have a great influence. An observer of my work may be able to answer that question better.

// What creative projects are you currently working on?

Planning out my next adventure.

// How do you stay motivated to shoot and create?

It is not always easy to stay motivated, but I would say the pursuit of amazing images and the feeling you get when you finally create one keeps me going.

// What is the creative community like in your hometown?

It is virtually non existent. Most people around here have no idea what I actually do.

// What are you currently excited about?

Christmas of course!

// What does winning Wildlife Photographer of the Year mean to you?

It is quite flattering really. There are so many great images around just to be nominated was an honor. But to win! That is something to really treasure.

// Anyone special you’d like to thank who has contributed to your success?

My wife Amy Tessier. I can always count on her for unconditional support.

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