August 13, 2019

There's More To Fall Than Foliage Photos

When we think toward fall imagery, we most often imagine a shifting physical landscape — a palette of vibrant oranges, reds, and golds. However, for many of us, fall speaks more to a welcome respite from the hectic lifestyle of summer. It gives us a chance to breathe and digest our experiences, welcoming change and setting aside time for introspection.

When choosing fall stock photos + footage to capture seasonal transition, experiment with creative content that embraces the slower, more insular lifestyle and celebrates the changes that accompany fall colors from an unconventional perspective. Crafting, driving to family gatherings, staying indoors, and ramping up for holidays all play a hand in the anticipation of autumn. Here’s how to show them.

Start Something New (or old)

Autumn affords a time to revisit routines and practices shelved by the distractions and freedoms of summer. Kids go back to school, friends reunite to recount careless sun-drenched adventures and time is reallocated to new hobbies or reviving retired passion projects.

Fall Food Photos

Fall is the time for reaping the harvests of summer’s bounty; canning and preserving the excess for colder days ahead. Fall is also great for embracing the kitchen again where warm, hearty dishes with dark food photography styling replace bright, outdoor barbecues and summer salads. Rediscover comforting baked goods that incorporate pastry, fall fruits, and warm spices. And enjoy it all with intimate outdoor dinner parties, celebrating in the last of the dwindling warm nights.

Embracing The Indoors

After a season of outdoor activities, time spent indoors can be welcomed with the accompaniment of books and creative activities. Also synonymous with being indoors are feelings of closeness and intimacy, with many spending their Friday nights wrapped in blankets, drinking hot liquids and watching movies in bed.

Driving & Noting the Passage of Time

Driving through the changing landscape creates an immersive experience of seasonality and color. This is a less obvious but wonderful time to plan a road trip for a weekend getaway or to go home for the holidays. Try experimenting with the muted, moodier colors that come along with cooler temperatures and dramatic stormy skies.

Time For Holiday Celebration

Keep your eye out for striking stock photos and videos that experiment with light to showcase Halloween and Thanksgiving subject matter in innovative ways. Shadows, intentionally bright flashes, and glowing lights can make an otherwise classic image pop out in extraordinary ways.

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