February 24, 2016

Melanie DeFazio: Pet Photographer of the Year

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Melanie DeFazio is a lifestyle photographer based in Pleasantville, Ohio, shooting primarily her idyllic home, family, farm animals and culinary adventures.

// What does winning Pet Photographer of the Year mean to you?

It is extremely humbling to win a second award with Stocksy. [Melanie won Lifestyle Photographer of the Year in the 2014 Stocksy Awards.] Just being nominated was exciting, but with so many amazing artists in the running, I am truly honored to have won this award.

// What’s the story behind your winning image?

This image has a great story. We were new to having goats, so Piper (our first) was quite lonely for a few weeks before we welcomed more to the farm. During that time, we had rescued a little kitten and brought her home. The two instantly became best friends and would play constantly whenever they got together.

// How do you stay motivated to shoot and create?

I love my camera and what I do so it’s not to hard to stay motivated. Having plenty of adorable furry animals constantly demanding my attention definitely helps too! There’s always something catching my eye or an idea popping into my head that I want to create.  Shooting makes me happy and I also find it very therapeutic!

// What are you currently excited about?

Recently, I’ve decided to start shooting stock photography exclusively. I will be starting to make the transition from family sessions to more commercial work. Lately, I’ve been doing a more commercial work and am really loving it. It feels great to finally be finding that place in the photography world where I am most happy.

// Anyone special you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank my husband who has always been supportive and encouraged me to follow my dreams. My kids for putting up with having a camera in their faces for most of their lives. My animals who give me hope, happiness and never ending love every single day. And lastly, to my Stocksy family — without all of you, I would not be writing this! Thank you all so so much for your continued love and support. I am truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of artists.

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