June 8, 2018

Man of Tomorrow

Representing Contemporary Masculinity

What the hell does masculinity mean anymore? The archetypes of yesteryear are being torn down in rampant speeds with empowerment and education shared through social media. This week, Stocksy wants to walk through how today’s man can be bestowed the graces of multidimensionality that we’ve recently become more sensitive to in the opposite gender. To be masculine doesn’t mean being devoid of sensitivity, openness, diversity, or vulnerability; today’s man wears all of those qualities with pride.


The deconstruction of masculinity and empowerment of men is both complemented and strengthened by gender equality movements like feminism and #metoo. Feminism and redefining masculinity are for one and the same goal: to allow anyone of any gender the space and permission to explore their individuality while receiving support and encouragement to live fulfilled lives.

Research shows that gender equality not only improves career satisfaction and creates more fulfilling relationships but also helps to give men the freedom to embody the full expression of their humanity, broadening masculinity definitions and increasing general happiness.


Similar to women’s history, men have endured their fair share of limiting expectations through the generations. Some men would rather be dancers than quarterbacks. Some men would rather watch a romcom than a slasher flick. Some men would rather hang out with their kids than go to the pub to watch the game. And for some men, that may change from day to day.

Our imagery in the media can help to support positive social growth by showing a full spectrum. The more we showcase diversity, the more we bring courage and connection to our audiences.



There is plenty of information popping up daily surrounding masculinity and the toxic attributes we have attached to it. The conversation has begun and is gaining traction daily — support groups, education programs, publications and better models of masculine humans in the media are surfacing more and more. If you want to dig into some more information, try hitting up some of these resources:


We hope to continue moving stock photography and video forward to give everyone the opportunity to see themselves reflected more in the imagery surrounding them.

More ideas for dynamic masculine imagery in this gallery >> ✨

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