October 13, 2016

Interview with Video Pro Foster Addington

Based in Atlanta, GA., Matthew Addington of Foster Addington has expertly curated a stunning collection, offering superb full-scale photo and video production. His attention to detail, appreciation for artistic nuance and never ending desire to challenge himself has made him a both local and global community leader in film and photography. We caught up with Matthew to get the inside scoop on his film journey and what the future holds for video.

// First off, what was your path from first picking up a camera, to shooting professionally?

After ditching my college degree shortly after graduating, my mother purchased me a Canon XTi. It was the first time in my life (at the age of 23) I’d ever expressed myself artistically. Almost immediately I fell in love with photographing my friends. I started shooting weddings and eventually merged into video. Now I primarily direct commercials/narrative work while maintaining a healthy photography portfolio.

// What has been the greatest influence in your work?


// As a video editor, whose work do you admire? What do you like to watch in your own time?

I’ve got to say hands down my favorite show to watch is Mr. Robot. The entire project is another level of filmmaking.

// Any creative projects you’re really excited about now?

I work with a number of humanitarian and environmental groups that believe in creating beautiful films to educate and inform people about ways we can live more sustainably. Working with so many people on the front lines and dealing with some of the biggest human challenges is constantly inspiring.

// Have you noticed an increase in video content demand since Foster Addington’s inception?

Definitely. As the Internet and mobile devices have increasingly afforded us the ability to share larger bits of information, advertisers and content seekers of all types hold video as the gold standard of digital communication. Most photographers now have to at least dabble in it a bit just to keep up with the game.

// What about trends? Have you noticed any prominent movements in current professional/commercial video?

I think it’s well documented now that advertisers have been lingering on this “authenticity” trip in many commercials for some time now. Now that we are inundated with ads at every turn, it’s become increasingly important for companies to spend intentional dollars hiring creative teams to represent their brands. Often times, premium video content is very expensive to come by due to agency, crew, travel, ad buy fees etc. It’s been extremely exciting to become a part of the Stocksy video team as this platform is going to pave the way for many more brands to access high-quality video content by eliminating so many of the old-model ad agency costs.

// What about videographers? Is there a large enough talent pool to choose from? Do we desperately need more video content creators?

I don’t think we’ve ever had an over-abundance of too many good filmmakers. Sure, everyone has a camera these days, but good work almost always rises to the top and finds a place in some market. So, pushing yourself to be better, in this line of work at least, nearly always equates to more hires and more sells. So yes, definitely we need more quality filmmakers.

// Do you have any suggestions for beginner videographers? Where to start? Who to reach out to? Great resources?

  1. Become extremely familiar with the editing process. This will help inform and expedite so many production decisions you make.
  2. Keep shooting until you begin to form your own style.
  3. Understand the market and the business of licensing stock.
  4. Ask a million questions.
  5. Study people’s work you like.

As far as resources are concerned, there are websites like No Film School and endless forums on cameras etc. to be found on the Internet.

But remember, there is no substitute for experience. Keep shooting and learn as you go.

Want to connect with Matthew Addington? Find him here: Stocksy // Website // Instagram

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