April 22, 2019

4 Spring/Summer Color Palettes That Will Rule 2019

Spring and summer might be the most exciting times to get creative with color. As all the flowers begin popping up out of the ground, on trees, and in cracks on the sidewalk, the gamut of sun sprinkled stock photography is once again available. Whether it’s spring’s traditional pastels or summer’s bold hues, after enduring the grey pallor of winter, is any color combination out of bounds? That being said, defined color palettes are great for keeping your creative energies in check while giving your project a cohesive, visual narrative.


This year’s spring/summer colorways have a little bit of something for everyone. From the vibrant pinks and greens of a watermelon picnic to the light beiges and blues of a breezy beach house, these 4 spring & summer color palettes speak to the color trends that will dominate in 2019.

Prismatic Spring

Looking for some attention this season? Look no further. An homage to Yellowstone Park’s Grand Prismatic Spring, this milder take on the infamous natural wonder is sure to attract some intrigued onlookers. Fiesta, Turmeric, and Mango bring the stock photo fire while Aruba and Aegean add strikingly cool contrasts to this rainbow colorway that will carry your designs through to summer’s end.

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Lemon Lagoon

Yellow is everywhere for spring/summer 2019. Fashion houses, streetwear brands, interior designers, you name it, they’ve worked yellow into their work. Combine this season’s favored yellow tones with shades of blue and you’ve got a show-stopping color combination. Channel this palette by thinking of tropical angelfish or blue and yellow macaws. Pineapple and Verbena take on the bright and pastel sides of yellow while Lagoon’s tropical vibe is balanced by Steel and Azure’s true blues.

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Beach House

Spring is the beginning of beach season and this soft spring color palette is just that. Evoking a Hamptons kind of vibe, Beach House makes us think of the interior of a classic Long Island vacation home. Clearwater and Tiffany bring that cool spring breeze while Oat, Toffee, and Terracotta bring on sandy shores and natural fibers.

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Seedless Watermelon

Few activities are more summer iconic than picnics in the park. And few food fare items are more picnic iconic than big slices of watermelon. Emerald and chartreuse speak to the budding greens of new spring growth and fresh fruits. Ballet and Pressed Rose nod to 2019’s fashion runway soft pinks while Fruit Punch adds a hit of vibrancy to this juicy summer color palette.

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