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Homepage updates, curated collections, and more new platform things from Stocksy

Welcome to our quarterly update — a central location to get the latest on our new product features and platform improvements. We hope they make your work more enjoyable and help you find the right assets with ease.

At Stocksy, we are committed to the continual evolution of our products to serve our artists and our client base. As such we have various teams working to define, design, build, test and deliver the products and features to you. Based off client and contributor feedback, we have introduced four key enhancements related to easier checkout, gallery collections, homepage updates, and improvements to followed artist functionalities.

Add a whole gallery to cart

You asked and we listened: you are now able to add a full gallery to your cart. License all the photos, videos, and illustrations you’ve collected without having to add each asset individually to check out. View this option at the top right of the gallery.

add gallery to cart 2 copy

All curated galleries in one place

Our clients have told us that our curated galleries are a useful tool for finding current content and fueling inspiration for campaigns and projects and they want more. So we now have new galleries and updated past collections housed in a central location. Click on Browse All Collections, located under our curated galleries on the homepage to see topical collections featuring plenty of undiscovered gems dug up by our curation team.

Homepage hero re-design

We’ve updated the hero image on our homepage to showcase our campaigns in market and to keep you up to date on trending content. See highlighted galleries, insightful blog articles, aesthetic trends, breaking news, and more. Stay tuned for updates to this focal space!

new Stocksy hero

Artists you follow improvements

We’ve taken a look at our Follow functionality and have stepped it up. With over 1700 Contributors at Stocksy, we decided it was time to create a dashboard for you to keep up to date with your favorite artist and access their newest content easier and faster. You can also now see artist recommendations at the bottom of the page to add to your talent roster.

Followed Contributors facet

Expanding on the new Follow redesign, you can now filter search results for artists you follow. See this new feature at the top of your filters bar after you’ve conducted a search.

Thanks for stopping by. See you when we’ve got some more news to share.

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