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A very personal Product Update for Q4 2022

Welcome to our quarterly update — a central location to get the latest on our new product features and platform improvements. We hope they make your work more enjoyable and help you find the right assets with ease.

At Stocksy, we are committed to the continual evolution of our products to serve our artists and our client base. As such we have various teams working to define, design, build, test and deliver the products and features to you. Based off client and contributor feedback, we have introduced three enhancements including Personalized Content, Gallery Permissions, and Content Download improvements.

Personalized Stocksy Content

We believe that searching for stock media should be an enjoyable experience. Or, at the very least, an efficient one. When you search the Stocksy collection, we want you to be inspired, have confidence, and feel seen. That’s why, in addition to our search tools, we have created technology to deliver personalized stock photos, footage, and illustrations unique to your needs, wants, and desires.

Based on your views, likes, cart adds, gallery adds, comp downloads, and purchases, you can now see your personalized recommended content within search results and on Asset Details pages. The more you use it, the better it gets. We see you. Get inspired today!

Download All After Purchase

Previously, after making a purchase, you’d have to download your licensed assets one at a time. Now, rather than taking all that painstaking time clicking and waiting, you can download all your Stocksy photos, videos, and illustrations in a conveniently bundled zip file. ⚡️

Gallery Permissions

Galleries are wonderful tools for collecting stock media assets in one central location. Use them as mood boards, present them to get concepts across, shortlist your marketing campaign’s visuals, and more. Often you’ll want to collaborate with colleagues on gallery collections and share amongst teams. We’ve made that easier by creating tiers of gallery permissions so you can protect gallery settings while adding collaborators.

Editors: Can add, remove, delete, and rearrange assets in a gallery collection.
Admins: Can do all Editor actions as well as change the collection name, update privacy settings, invite or remove collaborators, and delete the gallery.

Happy Collaborating!

Start getting personalized results by searching Stocksy content!