Turkey’s crazy colorful architecture by Yener Torun

36-year-old architecture graduate Yener Torun started photographing buildings as an Instagram experiment in 2013. Inspired by minimalist photographers, he began with black and white imagery if you can believe it. After a surplus of positive feedback, he was motivated to take things to the next level.

Business Stock Photos That Don’t Suck

As the face of traditional office work continues to evolve into a more modern, tech industry space, the imagery we choose for our projects and campaigns should mirror those shifts. When perusing for visuals, however, it can feel challenging to differentiate yourself when a lot of stock business imagery is painfully generic (cue a couple of suits shaking hands in front of an embarrassingly fake graph). Rest assured, there is hope for enjoying the process of designing office work campaigns. Follow these cues for a better business experience and create projects that stand out from the crowd.

Everyday bodies: how stock media can influence inclusivity

In the last decade, we’ve all likely taken note of the movement in the media to showcase a more realistic and inclusive representation of human bodies. We are finally beginning to see less gratuitous photoshopping to remove cellulite, blemishes, and even ribs to give the impression of a “perfect” body type (will we all laugh at how ridiculous this movement was in 20 years?). In its place, we are seeing more untouched imagery and a wider-reaching representation of normal, everyday bodies.