By: Tara Campbell

Turkey’s crazy colorful architecture by Yener Torun

36-year-old architecture graduate Yener Torun started photographing buildings as an Instagram experiment in 2013. Inspired by minimalist photographers, he began with black and white imagery if you can believe it. After a surplus of positive feedback, he was motivated to take things to the next level.

Inspired by colorful street art in his native Istanbul, Torun began capturing the bright buildings jutting out of the muted palette of Turkey’s architecture. As his collection grew, Yener’s account began to resemble a kaleidoscope of bright buildings, reframing the way most people imagine urban Turkey. 6 years later and he now boasts some 156K followers and an impressive portfolio of eye-popping minimalist architectural photography.

A master of color theory and sharp geometry, Yener Torun’s architectural stock photography portfolio is nothing short of breathtaking. According to Torun, Istanbul “never sleeps “ and he is still inspired by the city’s combination of tradition, modernity, and chaos. Going beyond the limits of Istanbul to cities all over Turkey, Torun offers stark contrasts not only within his photo compositions but in his framing of Turkish architecture.

A far cry from traditional Baroque or Ottoman style landmarks often representative of the urban Turkish landscape, Torun’s collection features hard lines, vivid color, and dramatic minimalism. These architectural images born of Torun’s love for geometry are like gorgeous color oases amidst the grey pallor of urban sprawl — and we can’t stop drinking it up.

A green striped house in Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey
Yener Torun

Yener Torun’s art-photography compositions focus on the relations between space and the experience. He transforms the urban landscape, reframing architecture as geometric abstraction, creating an alternative reality. See more of Yener’s work on Instagram