Prawns, pools & pavlova: Christmas Aussie style

There are plenty of classic elements that Northern Hemisphere folk associate with the holidays – flannel pyjamas, drinking coffee in said PJs all morning, looking through frosted windows framing winter wonderlands of snowman potential, big roasts, mashed potatoes, gravy, you get the picture.

R-G-B trichromy with Young Kim

In his latest Stocksy series, “R-G-B Trichromy“, Alaska-based photographer Young Kim manipulates movement to capture the Bering Sea in a new light. “The trichromy process is perfect for capturing a single moment while also emphasizing the ever flowing circumstances surrounding that instance,” Kim reflects.

Shot with a medium format Mamiya 7 II on black and white Ilford Delta 400 film, Kim’s red, green and blue filter composites represent the full colour spectrum, transforming coastlines into psychedelic seascapes