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Pride: beyond the visible spectrum

As our global understanding of identity has evolved, we have uncovered that identity is expressed along a fluid, evolving spectrum rather than a restrictive, polarized, and confined binary. And like the electromagnetic spectrum, there are frequencies and wavelengths of identity that are seen and unseen but always present.

The LGBTQIA2S+ community is full of expanding identity expressions and orientations. Community members and allies can observe Pride in many ways by celebrating individual identities and welcoming evolving self-expressions along a continuum.

As members and allies of the queer community, we are grateful to the pioneers of Pride for fighting for our collective freedom to explore our wavelengths and frequencies — to be proud of who we are wherever we fall on the visible and invisible spectrum of love, life, and identity.

Socio-cultural and identity concepts can be challenging to surface. Stocksy can solve for nuanced subject matter and modern visual media needs with our progressive collection.

To reflect the infinite spectrum of modern identity in your work, expand your perspective beyond the binary. There is no singular queer aesthetic, so explore with us, new ways to amplify authenticity with conceptual imagery.

Discover our collection of authentic and conceptual imagery and create resonance in your creative work. Find your frequency.

Explore Pride imagery through a conceptual lens

Stocksy Contributor Pride Collection

A collection curated by Stocksy contributing artists that identify as LGBTQIA2S+ or allies. See their chosen assets from their portfolios and explore their perspectives.

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Pride resources

To commemorate Pride’s roots and celebrate LGBTQIA2S+ creatives, we are sharing some key resources to draw attention to the events, movements, and pivotal people that have contributed to the evolution of queer culture as well as in house guides for better media creation and incorporation.

Queer Creatives Community Directory
An expansive spreadsheet directory of queer creatives working in all kinds of fields—from DJs and tattoo artists to florists, contractors, tarot readers, ASL interpreters and more.

Rainbow Railroad
A global not-for-profit organization that helps LGTBQI+ people facing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics.
A resource of resources. More than just history, this site is full of local resources, community organizations, and ways to build equity for LGBTQIA2S+ people.

Alexei Romanoff and Black Cat
Meet a Pride Pioneer – one of the only surviving participants in the 1967 demonstration against a police raid of Silver Lake’s gay Black Cat Tavern.

Pride flags 101
A guide to what’s behind gay, trans, and other pride flags.

The history and evolution of GLAAD
GLAAD’s 30 year history has been at the forefront of cultural change and accelerating acceptance.

The ABCs of L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ – New York Times (possible paywall)
The history of the acronym and its evolution toward inclusion.

Pride Publics
A visual dialogue between historical and contemporary changemakers.

Stocksy United Guide
7 tips for creating LGBTQ+ photography and video content

Stocksy United Guide
How our media can better represent LGBTQ+ identity for Pride and beyond

Modern blonde in fractal reflection taking selfie with smartphone sitting in pink neon lights
Clique Images

Find Your Frequency Fund

The Find Your Frequency Fund is a giveaway intended to amplify LGBTQIA2S+ creator voices and bring more dream projects to life. Like identity, there is no single queer aesthetic — we want to see and support all kinds of perspectives.

Enter the Stocksy Find your Frequency Fund on TikTok for a chance to showcase your work and receive a cash injection and creative tools to support your passion.

Two winners will each receive:

  • $1,500 USD to support their creative project, whether it be in progress or an idea to turn into reality
  • A one-year Adobe Creative Cloud all app subscription
  • A Stocksy print of choice from our (in)Visible Spectrum collection

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  • Offer ends July 15, 2022.
  • Must be 18+ to participate.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Two entrants (one Stocksy United contributor and one non-contributor) will win a prize package consisting of $1500 USD in Stocksy Spectrum Funds, one X-Large Stocksy print ($233 USD), and a one-year Adobe Creative Cloud subscription ($600 USD). Adobe is not affiliated with this contest. If, for any reason, we are unable to transfer or ship the prize package to your location, the winner will receive an equivalent amount in Stocksy United credit.
  • Void in Quebec and where prohibited by law.
  • All prizes and contest details are in USD.
  • Click here for full rules

How to enter the Find Your Frequency Fund giveaway