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Search by Color

Effective use of color is crucial to communicating ideas. As visual media constantly vies for our increasingly scarce attention, few graphic devices get a mood across as quickly as color. Whether it’s a taste of life by the sea or a quick hit of dopamine you’re after, nothing transports you to another place or conjures up feelings quicker than a perfectly tuned palette.

Luckily our Search by Color tool is here to help you find photos and videos that will either fit your brand like a glove or inspire you to take your audience to another place entirely.

search by color find stock photos by color 1

Search with the color bar

Drag the slider to find the perfect color for your project. Try dialing it in even closer with the alternative tints and shades just below. There are millions of hue possibilities, so let yourself get lost in the rainbow. Alternatively, you can exclude color completely by clicking the grayscale toggle for black and white results.

Search by hex code

If you know the exact color needed for your project, type it in and instantly browse all of the assets that match your needs. Never before has it been so seamless to find just the right shade. Check out these beautiful deep blue results for #293C92 to get a sense of what’s possible.

stocksy platform view of search results for a purple hex code, a grid of images including purple hues

Search with filters

To get more specific, you can apply color filters to your keyword search results. Enter your search term and narrow it down by adjusting the color bar or entering your hex code into the filter on the left hand of the screen. Use the filter to dig deeper on trends, like in these orange-tinged results for vintage fashion.

stocksy search results for street fashion filtered by blue color

Endless inspiration

Every time you visit the Search by Color page, we pick a fresh color palette for you to see. If you’re feeling dangerous, we also have a “Random” button that you can click to view various colors not accessible through the slider, like this lovely natural palette. Endless inspiration at the click of a button. If you strike gold, use the “Save as Gallery” button to save your color search results as a personal gallery in one click.

search by color find stock photos by color 3

Cohesive imagery tells a stronger story

Designers deeply understand the power of a color palette, and Stocksy’s progressive stock media library combined with powerful search and discovery tools is here to empower you to create memorable campaigns that demand attention. Don’t forget to try our Visual Search tool that allows you to drop in an inspiration image to see visually similar imagery.

Find just the right hue for you