By: Kayleigh Rees

4 ways to save time searching for stock photos

You know how easy it is to find your favorite song in a carefully curated playlist? Searching for that perfect stock image or video for your next marketing campaign should feel the same. Our loving clients tell us they’ve had this experience with Stocksy – hear their 4 time-saving, stock searching tips:

Avoid the stock library ‘black hole’

We’ve heard clients compare traditional stock libraries to black holes; cavernous voids reluctantly entered when all other options are exhausted. Before heading straight into your usual lengthy stock search to get sucked into the eternal dark, try Stocksy’s themed Curated Collections. Our curation team methodically sifts through the undiscovered gems in our collection, illuminating the inspiring and unique. Curated collections are updated regularly and are influenced by people who tirelessly invest in knowing and predicting the latest creative trends.

Stocksy curated collection

Search for images and videos by color

Maintaining a strong brand identity is key, so we’ve made it practically effortless to find images and videos that match the precise color palette of your brand or campaign. To search by color, type in your hex code and instantly browse, or search with the color bar and drag the slider to find that perfect color for your project. You can also exclude color completely by clicking the grayscale toggle for black and white results.

search by color find stock photos by color 1

Try a visual search instead of using keywords

It can be really frustrating trying to express what you are looking for in search terms. When the image you want is evocative of a mood, feeling, or idea, rooting around the thesaurus feels futile.

If you can avoid it, don’t get caught in the keyword quest. Ditch the dictionary and get familiar with visual search. Start by uploading a reference image to find something similar.

Search stock photos with Stocksy Visual Search

Found something in the Stocksy library that almost answers the brief, but isn’t quite right? Try Visually Similar search to display more results along the right path.

Still not hitting the right vibe? Try Conceptually Similar. Our Stocksy Curator technology goes beyond color and shape to suggest assets with more relevant casting, styling, and moods.

Ready to try it? Pick your reference image like the one below and see what results come up.

Happy young asian woman laughing over red background. She is wearing a yellow tropical shirt. She is covering her face with her arm.
Stocksy Visually Similar Search
Stocksy Conceptually Similar Search

Need the help of an expert creative team?

Out platform curation is impressive, but sometimes you just want the help of a human. With the assistance of our thoughtful, hands-on approach, Enterprise clients access the value-add of a dedicated Creative Research team. As visual and design experts, our Creative Research sifts through and surfaces the media you seek so you don’t have to. With their deep knowledge of the collection, they can create custom galleries to help you achieve your brand’s objectives.

With these tools at your fingertips, there’s no better time to bookmark Curated Collections for daily inspiration, and take advantage of search by color or visual search tools.

Say goodbye to blackholes and see stock media surface effortlessly in your search.

Ready to find your stock media faster?

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