By: Stocksy

Salt & solitude with Max Kütz

In his latest Stocksy shoot entitled “Salt & Solitude”, Dallas native Max Kütz applies his signature minimalist style to the monochromatic expanse of Oklahoma’s salt flats. Armed with a first-time model and a fashion designer stylist, Kütz and his crew work together to flawlessly communicate a mood of introversion and reclusiveness, the subject lost amidst an empty and seemingly limitless landscape.

“The salt flats’ simplicity and otherworldliness were captivating and perfect for what we wanted. Inspiration just kept coming and coming.”

— Max Kutz
Woman crouching in windy salt flats.
Max Kütz
Salt & Solitude

Dallas-based photographer & creative director Max Kütz uses the fundamentals of design to turn simple concepts into striking compositions. With a slant towards minimalism and an attention to detail, every piece demands thought and consideration. Max’s specialities include editorial, commercial, & photojournalism. See Max’s full Stocksy collection >