By: Stocksy

Out There! How summer is all about getting away and coming together

At long last, travel is back! The World Travel & Tourism Council (W.T.T.C.) projects that travel and tourism in the United States alone will return to pre-pandemic levels this year. But that doesn’t mean a return to the way things were—or, a return to the endless wanderlust concepts that have haunted our Instagram feeds for the last decade.

sitting french bulldog looking away while making some toast in a camper van made with film
Berena Alvarez
Unassuming or quieter moments speak to the intimate, human, and imperfect dimension of travel experiences.

Our expectations around travel have changed dramatically. Instead of seeking idealized travel destinations and photogenic landscapes, vacationers are choosing secondary locations, getting immersed outdoors, and prioritizing connection with friends and family.

Hand of anonymous man giving food to hungry pelicans on beach in Acapulco
Yakov Knyazev
First-person POV offers us a personal, unmediated perspective – moments captured between friends or family, not a photographer.
A Female Diver Jumps Into The Water Off The Side Of A Sail Boat

We’re seeing love for the raw, candid, and very human moments that make our travel experiences memorable. For a fresh take on the tourist gaze, take a wander through our Out There collection.

Two People Laughing Together Outside In Town. They are real, exuberant and cracking up as friends in city.
Ameris Photography Inc.
Emotive, raw, and expressive scenes remind us that travel is about making memories, not perfectionist postcards.
Little Boy Jumping Into Sunny All Inclusive Luxury Resort Pool On Caribbean Vacation
JP Danko Interesting framing, unexpected compositions, and minimal compositions with pops of color create stimulating and dynamic visuals.
An unrecognizable person holds a travel yellow plastic suitcase by the handle against a blue sky
Duet Postscriptum Photographs and footage that are bright and rich in tone capture the vibrancy of lived moments.
Young woman peering head out the window and smiling at the camera from a bright yellow retro train
Kayla Johnson
The popularity of transit themes (boats, planes, trains, and road-tripping) proves it’s still about the journey, not the destination. Choo choo.
Girl In White Swimsuit With A Pencil In Her Mouth Show Her Artwork In Process
Luciano Spinelli
Film and analog media are rising in usage for their qualities of nostalgic charm. Crisp and radiant daylight evokes the essence of high summer.

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