By: Stocksy

Lost in the American dream

When he’s not deep in the throes of a fashion shoot or a project for the music industry, Austin based Matt Lief Anderson can be found experimenting with his passion for instant film photography.

The mystery and unpredictable nature of expired film holds a particular magnetism for Anderson — he’s been known to dip his 35mm film in lemon juice before shooting for its sporadic, often dreamy effects. His Polaroid series, shot on an SX-70 with expired Fuji fp100c film, is rife with that mystique, transforming familiar US scenery into landscapes of the imagination.

“Instant film is always a surprise.
Sometimes it looks best as it’s developing
and you almost want it to stop. Other times
it’s a failure because the film is too old or
wasn’t stored correctly. And on rare occasions,
it comes out perfectly and makes it all worthwhile.”

— Matt Lief Anderson

Matt Lief Anderson is an American photographer based in Austin working worldwide. See more of Matt’s work at Stocksy >>