By: Stocksy

Fruit eyes and other oddities

San Franciscan Diane Villadsen is a master of blocking and colour theory, juxtaposing just the right amount of elegance and quirk in her work. Marrying her love of language with creative discipline, the Linguistics major evokes the visual prose of photography, expertly incorporating spatial awareness into light and shape. This fruit-filled fashion shoot represents Villadsen’s foray into a self-proclaimed obsession with colour and a knack for the offbeat. “It really defined my recent work’s direction,” Villadsen remarks, “and fed my addiction to soft pastels and random oddities, like fruit eyes.”

Perfectly on point for the time of year, we can’t overlook the seasonal pleasure this set creates, evoking the light and fresh sentiments of spring with the sense of renewed energy in celebration of brighter days ahead. Bring on the watermelon.

Diane Villadsen [VILL-id-sin] is a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, masterfully combining colour and light to create eye-catching imagery for fashion and commercial shoots. See more of Diane’s portfolio on Stocksy.