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Bring your brand vision to life with stock media │ Stocksy Curation Services

For those who love a challenge, and — let’s be honest — one that can sometimes be maddening, try searching the internet for the perfect stock image. Finding that one diamond in the rough that will work for your creative project can feel like a daunting conquest at the outset.

Great news for your stock media journey — Stocksy can make this challenge much easier. First and foremost, we are committed to raising the bar for expectations of stock media — meaning that your searches are not going to return an endless sea of subpar content. Our keyword search is rooted in relevance, so you will be served meaningful results that don’t waste your valuable time. We also have additional discovery tools like Conceptually Similar and More from this Model that can help uncover that unique image, illustration, or footage that brings your brand vision to life.

However, even with the highest quality content and most relevant search results at your fingertips, finding the content that precisely matches your unique needs can still take time away from your team’s marketing and creative resources. Finding the right subject matter is just the beginning. Nailing all of your desired aesthetic, mood, and design parameters is a whole other challenge.

Let us shortlist content for you

Our Curation Services team has intimate knowledge of our artists and collection, is adept understanding of all our search and discovery tools, and is ready to put as much time needed to find those stock media diamonds you’re seeking.

Every project is a genuine collaboration between you and our team. Before we build custom galleries to surface your unique content needs, we immerse ourselves in your brand, take the time to understand nuances of your media requirements, and approach the project from your brand’s perspective.

And we can do all of this within two business days, as a complimentary value-add service.

Back view of hoary mature woman dressed in stylish white enjoying at terrace opening chill out curtains a sunny day during summer
Eloisa Ramos

We have stock media skills

Some of our specialities include finding stock that:

  • Conveys a mood, feeling or vibe rather than a concrete theme.
  • Evokes the phrase “How-do-I-even–search-for-this?”
  • Forces us to look at our collection in new ways.
  • Emulates progressive, diverse, and inclusive brand values.
  • Flexes visual muscles to communicate brand and audience needs.

Do you have a more straightforward stock search? Someone looking at a phone, studio portraits on seamless backdrops, or maybe cats doing something hilarious? We can do that too. We’ll collect the very best selections from the Stocksy collection that align most closely with your brand and your project.

Want to collaborate creatively?

Interested in collaborating with our Curation Services team on your next project? Here’s what we need to get started:

  • Scope of your project. Just a few sentences will do! A description of the kind of content that you’re looking for.
  • Any details that may be important, such as design or demographic considerations.
  • Visual reference materials, if available. This could be a single image, the name of a few brands with a similar aesthetic, a project deck, or a full set of brand guidelines.

In addition to curating galleries from the existing Stocksy collection, we’re also always interested in hearing more about the content that you’re not finding, whether at Stocksy or any other site. Part of what’s great about being an artist-owned co-op is the direct connection we have with our talented community of creators. This connectivity means we can send your content needs directly to relevant Stocksy artists to keep progressing stock media forward to accommodate the most modern and contemporary visual communication.

Ready for help on your next creative project?

We would love to hear from you: [email protected].