By: Stocksy

Making the Fourth Wall: 3 – Lighting

Welcome to Episode 3 of our “Making the Fourth Wall” tutorial series from Stocksy. Each week, our video team will be sharing industry tips and tricks to help you learn more about shooting beautiful video.

In this episode, our guide George Georgeadis and the video team dive into the world of lighting, be it indoor or natural and the best practices for how to use both.

Episode 3: Lighting

Natural Light

Natural light can often be the best light and sometimes is really your only option — so it’s great to know how to use it to your advantage. In this episode, we cover principles of bounce and diffusion and well as blue hour and magic hour techniques that can set the tone or mood of your shot. Be sure to scout your location and plan in advance — optimal blue and magic hour moments are fleeting and can result in missed opportunities if you aren’t prepared.

Indoor Light

3-point lighting systems are relatively standard in filmmaking but can seem daunting at first. Here we cover the simple principles of setting up your Key Light – your main light placement that usually highlights your actor, Fill Light – usually less bright and set opposite your key light, and Back Light – set behind and higher than your subject to provide definition and subtle highlights.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with practical lights like lamps, TVs, phones, candles etc. They can set a mood and convey intention to support your storyline.

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As a filmmaker, director, game designer and podcaster, George Georgeadis is always looking for opportunities to embrace his love of storytelling. In his free time, you’ll find him designing board games, lost in the world of VR, travelling with his husband, stargazing or enjoying his home theatre and movie memorabilia collection.