By: Stocksy

Las Salinas de Torrevieja

In a body of saline water so concentrated it emanates the scent of salt, Las Salinas de Torrevieja lake in the Alicante region of Spain offers its summer spectacle each year. The soaring temperatures of the warm seasons create blooms of beta-carotene (yes the same thing that makes carrots orange) resulting in this liquid sunset fantasy. Just as incredible as it looks on camera, Stocksy artist, Javier Pardina assures that a visit to the peaches and bubblegum pink lake is well worth the visit and even a dip if you don’t mind emerging from its lagoon like a salt-glazed flamingo.
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Photographer and filmmaker Javier Pardina is a design and multimedia talent with a wide range of lifestyle, conceptual and landscape styles. Hailing from Lleida, Spain, Pardina specializes in the art of capturing moments and happens to have a passion for designing album art for chillout music artists.