Stocksy United is an art-forward, royalty-free stock photography + footage agency founded on creative integrity and respect for artists. Our collection of exclusive imagery makes it easy to find the perfect assets for attention-grabbing projects.

What is Stocksy United?

Stocksy United is an art-forward, royalty-free stock photography + footage agency founded on creative integrity and respect for artists.

Founded as a platform co-op, we ensure that our empowered shareholder artists receive fair pay — 50%-75% of all licenses go directly into contributors’ pockets. The sense of community and ownership felt by our members drives a greater level of passion into their work, resulting in inspired imagery of the highest quality.

With our exceptionally high curation standards, discovering unique, beautifully authentic imagery is effortless.

What does Royalty-Free mean?

A one-time license fee allows royalty-free (RF) assets to be used for multiple projects by the same client. No geographical restrictions. No expiration dates.

How do I license photos and footage from Stocksy?

Create a Stocksy login on our Sign Up page to begin making purchases, creating galleries, and playing with our design-driven search tools. Ask us about our Corporate Account Benefits for access to unwatermarked, high-res comp access, free creative research, group accounts and more.

In which resolution are image files available?

Our largest available file size is a minimum of 12 megapixels (4256 x 2832px or higher | 15.4 x 11.6" @ 300dpi) but can be much higher depending on the camera that the photographer used (pixel dimensions can be seen under the X-Large File size option on an image details page).

Is video footage available at Stocksy?

YES! Stocksy video footage is available in 720p, 1080p and 4k resolutions.

Most of our clips can be purchased ungraded, providing flexibility for custom editing workflows.

Do videos come with audio?

Stocksy videos do not include audio so you are able to add custom audio to your clips as you see fit.

Do you offer high-resolution comp image and video access?

We want you to rock your client presentations, so we are happy to provide unwatermarked access to our largest image sizes, and 1080p videos for testing and layout purposes. Please contact [email protected] to request access to this feature.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and PayPal. For frequent purchasers, we also offer credit limit accounts and positive balance accounts (see below for more information).

How much are your images and videos, and what size do I need?

All of our images and videos are priced consistently. You will find a full breakdown of both sizing and pricing on each asset's page. For more information visit our Pricing Page.

What are the Stocksy licensing options?

We offer Standard Royalty Free and Extended licensing.

Royalty free includes:

  • Up to 500,000 copies in print
  • Worldwide, all media, unlimited time
  • Unlimited electronic impressions (web, eBook, etc.)
  • Commercial use, e.g., advertising, broadcast media, annual reports, story accompaniment (editorial), blog posts, websites, design elements, book covers, product packaging, etc.Unlimited number of worldwide projects and mediums, forever.

Extended Licenses to allow specific additional uses including:

  • Multi-Seat: For use by more than one individual within your organization
  • Unlimited Print (Images Only): For printing over 500,000 copies of the image (Web use is always unlimited)
  • Products for Resale: For use in commercial products in which the asset provides the core value of the product, e.g., greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, posters, wallpapers, stickers, templates, apps, and screensavers
  • Market Freeze: Secures exclusivity for a set period of time from the date of asset purchase and includes complimentary Multi-Seat, Unlimited Print, and Products for Resale Licenses.
  • A complimentary Multi-Seat License is automatically included with the purchase of any Extended License.

Does Stocksy offer any rights-managed or editorial content?

We do not. All of the images and videos in the Stocksy collection are Royalty-Free. However, if your project requires exclusive use of an image or video, we offer a special Market Freeze license option. See our Pricing Page for more information.

Do all assets have model releases?

All assets containing recognizable people and places are uploaded with a signed model and property releases allowing the image or video to be used commercially within the limits of the license agreement.

Why do you charge GST when your prices are in USD?

We are based in Canada so by law, we have to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) to our Canadian customers. Because we charge in US currency, however, we indicate GST in US dollars.

How does my organization get set up with a credit limit account?

Please contact us at [email protected], and we will email you our credit limit request form. Once approved, we will establish a credit limit for your company, and invoice you for your purchases.

Do you offer subscription packages or image/video bundles?

We offer a Monthly Membership plan that is similar in many ways to subscription plans. This option sets up a monthly recurring credit card payment to be added as a positive balance on your account to spend on any size images & videos. The funds do not expire, and you’re welcome to cancel at any time. Ask us more about our Monthly Membership plans at [email protected].

Can I deposit funds to make future purchases?

Our Client Relations team is happy to set you up with a Positive Balance Account. Simply log into your Stocksy account and make easy deposits of any amount over $100 via credit card. Your cash deposits never expire. For credit card deposits over $5000 please contact [email protected].

If paying by wire transfer, PayPal, or check, please contact [email protected] with the following details so we can create an invoice for you:

  • Your Stocksy email login
  • Your preferred method of payment
  • The amount you wish to deposit (minimum $500 if not paying by credit card)
  • Your billing address
  • Once your funds have been received, they will be added to your Stocksy account so that you can begin making purchases against the balance you've deposited.

Can I purchase on behalf of my client?

Yes. Purchase on behalf of your client by adding their name to the optional Client Field at checkout. If you've forgotten to do this at the time of purchase, you can always add a note to the invoice retroactively by visiting your account Purchase History page, and clicking on the Add Note button.

How do I upgrade my purchase to a larger size / license?

You can upgrade your file and/or license by using our upgrade function. First, go to your Purchase History and find the purchase details. Once there, you will notice that next to each asset is an Upgrade button, which allows you to only pay the difference in price.

I've bought a license for a photo/video – how do I download it?

After purchasing your license, you'll see a page with a link to download the photo or video. If you need to download the asset again in the future, you can do this in your Purchase History, found via your user account menu at the upper right corner of the page.

How can I narrow my search results?

Our search filters can help you narrow your search term by ethnicity, number of people, age, gender, location and more.

What is Search By Color?

Search by Color is a creative solution that will assist you in discovering more cohesive artwork. Found in the search filters bar, you can drag the slider to find the perfect color for your project or type in a specific hex code and instantly browse all of the assets that match your needs. Or if you want to see a selection of photos for a color palette without your search parameters, visit and get an array of curated results.

What is Visual Search?

Capture a mood, aesthetic or specific palette for a project without having to relay concepts into keywords. Simply select any reference image, be it from the Stocksy collection or from your own images found on the web and drag and drop it anywhere on the stocksy site to return 150 impressive, related photo and video results.

What are galleries for and how do I use them?

Galleries offer an easy way to collect your favorite images and videos, grouped together by theme or project. To get started, click the icon on a photo you want to save, then enter a title for your new gallery.

To collaborate on a gallery, click the plus sign at the top right and enter your colleague’s email address. Add as many collaborators as you wish for more mind melding.

I need help finding images/videos in the Stocksy collection. What do I do?

Our Creative Research team has a deep understanding of the Stocksy collection and can help you quickly find the perfect images or videos for your projects. Please email us at [email protected] with the information below, and we'll happily work with you to create custom galleries that suit your needs.

  • Requested due date
  • A brief description of what you're looking for
  • Reference images/videos or a creative brief
  • How the images/videos will be used
  • Other relevant details such as image/video orientation, preferred number of people, feel, etc.

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