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Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications at this time.

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Image Exclusivity

We require 100% image exclusivity from our contributors. This means you can upload to multiple agencies, but the images uploaded to Stocksy can only be sold with us. This allows you to maintain your autonomy and gives you the flexibility to promote your work through other product retailers or portfolios.

  • You CAN sell prints & products elsewhere
  • You CAN upload to other agencies
  • You CANNOT sell the same image or sister images at other agencies

Image Requirements

  • Minimum 6 megapixels
  • No upsampling / increased file sizes
  • We DO accept mobile photography
  • We DO accept film scans

Member Participation

Stocksy only accepts a limited number of photographers each year. This means that we look for artists that will not only actively contribute unique and original content to our image library but will also participate in elections, resolutions, voting, annual general meetings and constructive feedback and building online community.


Don't change your style trying to emulate what you think Stocksy is looking for. We want to see what you're already good at and are looking for originality that brings new ideas and styles to the collection.

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Stocksy Editors are constantly adding photos to our boards to provide our photographers with creative direction and tone.

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Subjects We Need

  • Diverse ethnicities and cultures
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Sport
  • Still life & fine art
  • Portraiture
  • Animals
  • Lifestyle
  • Documentary

Common Questions

Do I need to upload photos as part of my application? No, for the first step we’ll be looking at your supplied portfolios. Based on what we see we can decide to setup an interview as the second step of the application process.

Is it alright if photos in my linked portfolios are already uploaded somewhere else? Yes, you can have photos in your linked portfolios that are currently being sold elsewhere. If your application is accepted and you would like to sell those images with us, you would then need to deactivate them from any other site. This includes sister images from the same shoot.


How long will the Call To Artist be open? The Call To Artist will remain open for an estimated 2-5 months, until all spaces for the year have been filled.

How long will it take to receive a response? We will respond to all applicants. Due to the high volume of interest, it can take one to two months to receive a response.