December 14, 2016

Wrap Your Heart Out

Fact: presents are better when beautifully wrapped. It’s kind of like cats that like the box better than the scratching post inside it. Sometimes the wrapping is what matters. Even if what’s inside is the most random gift that you’ll never in a million years use (thanks for the Full House DVDs, mom), if it has been wrapped with tender loving care, it doesn’t matter.

Get some festively fab inspiration from these four gift-wrapping styles that range from novice to expert crafter.

Natural Elements

This one is a cinch. Wrap gifts in brown craft paper, newspaper or any old paper your heart desires. Take a trip out to the front yard or the park and clip some twigs, berries and branches for a traditionally gorgeous gift wrap.

Rustic + Reclaimed

Use natural elements and add a little extra rustic flair by utilizing materials like jute, hemp, twine, unique objects, or fabric swatches (you know those old jeans that you just can’t bring yourself to throw out). Visit your local coffee shop and ask for a couple coffee bean sacks that you can cut up for a cohesive look.

Block Party

It’s kind of like being a kid again. Buy or make (hello potato!) a stamp, and stamp your little heart out. Don’t try to make them too perfect. Messy can be beautiful.

Fab Florals

A little more difficult on the crafting scale, but totally doable. A beautiful bouquet of delicate hand made flowers will wow anyone.

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