Creative Brief

July 23, 2020

What to Shoot

What to shoot for Stocksy? The short answer is everything and anything that stokes your passion and creativity! But for those curious to know more about our priority collection needs, we’ve compiled this list that will be updated as these grow and change over time.

Please note these topics are for current and future reference—we realize that with quarantine and social distancing measures currently in place, some subjects may have to wait till they can be shot safely.

A reminder that Stocksy Creative Briefs are intended to be read solely by the members of our cooperative.

People & Lifestyle

• LGBTQ+ Families, Business, General Everyday Lifestyle
• Gen Z Lifestyle
• People and their Passionate Hobbies
• Diverse Mature Adults and Seniors
• People with Disabilities living Normal, Awesome Lives
• Real Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions
• Grown Children with Parents
• Multigenerational Families
• Family Activities at Home

Community & Culture

• Donations, Volunteering, and Fundraising
• Activism and Civic Engagement
• Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling
• Community Organizations
• Neighborhood Activity
• Outdoor Gatherings: Lawns and Backyards, Porches and Stoops, Rooftops


• Global Businesses—Big and Small
• Women in Leadership
• Women in Science and Tech
• Collaboration and Teamwork Concepts
• Agreements, Law, and Legal Themes
• Concierge Services
• Post-COVID Work Environments: Social Distancing and Mask Use in the Office
• Corporate Office Environments: Suits; Central Business Districts
• Business Meetings with Authentic Interactions between Co-Workers
• Fun and Games in the Workplace
• Female Entrepreneurs

Business cont.

• Recruitment and Hiring Themes
• Job Hunting, Virtual Interviews
• Personal Finance: Financial Services and Advisors, Filing Taxes, Mortgage Loan Applications and Appraisals, Retirement Planning, Saving and Investing, Banking
• Budgeting, Home Economizing
• Virtual Solutions for Remote Work
• Virtual Learning
• Working from Home and Home Offices—the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
• Balancing Childcare and Work


• Importing/Exporting
• Energy: Fuel/Oil, Offshore Drilling, Modern Power Plants (ideally with property release), Clean Energy
• Cell Towers/Maintenance Workers
• Stock Market and Financial Industry Themes
• Scientific Research and Scientific Institutions
• Manufacturing Facilities; Technology/Robotics; Auto industry
• Regional Food Supply Chains and Markets
• Local Small Business


• Salesperson/Customer Interactions
• Payment methods: Credit/Debit Card Use, Contactless Payment
• Interactive Kiosks in Retail Environments
• Supermarkets/Grocery Stores
• Online Selling/Reselling
• E-Commerce Themes and Online Retail Environments
• Delivery Services: Package, Mail, Food, Grocery
• Re-opening Following Pandemic Lockdown

Real Estate

• Commercial and Residential Real Estate Themes
• Real Estate Agents Working with Clients
• Mortgage Brokers
• House Hunting
• Moving/Settling In
• First Home Concepts
• Storm/Disaster Damage
• Insurance Themes
• Building Engineering and Construction

Food & Drink

• Restaurant Management and Menu Planning
• Dining Out while Social Distancing
• Direct Flash
• Food/Diet Concepts
• Meatless Imposters
• Fast Food and Take Out


• Hotels: Front Desk, Check-in/out, Concierge/Personalized Services, Valet, Key Entry, Rooms
• Travel Planning Themes (without map and passport props)
• Suitcases
• Airports
• Bright and Vibrant Travel Themes and Destinations
• Staycations and Local Tourism
• Global Cities of All Sizes: Skylines, Infrastructure, Street Culture


• Electric Scooters
• Self-Driving and Electric Cars
• Commuting
• Public Transportation
• Car Dealerships


• Telemedicine
• Testing and Testing Facilities
• Outpatient Medical Offices
• General Mask Use in Outpatient Offices
• Vaccination Themes
• General Practitioners and Family Doctors
• Emergency Room/Medical Emergency Concepts
• Therapy/Psychology
• Mental Health Concepts
• Allergies/Asthma
• Hospital Administration

Sports & Entertainment

• Watching Television at Home; Streaming Media
• Professional Sports Stadiums (both empty and full)
• Teams and Gameplay—particularly Soccer/Futbol and Basketball; College and Pro-Level (or the illusion thereof)
• Professional Sports Fans
• Sporting Events
• Watching Sports on TV
• Golf
• Youth Sports

Concepts & Ideas

• Innovation and Process
• Collaboration and Teamwork
• Leadership
• Imagination
• Thinking/Brain
• Community
• Activism and Social Justice
• Climate Change; Climate Anxiety
• Environmentalism; Sustainability; Zero Waste

Concepts & Ideas Cont.

• Social Media
• Digital Dependency
• Change and Growth
• Cultural Critique
• Solidarity
• Doing Good
• Systems
• Money and Financial
• Future

Abstracts & Backgrounds

• Far-Out Space Themes
• Futuristic Concepts
• Elevated Nature Abstracts
• Objects and Collections
• Collages and Mood Boards
• New Ways of Looking at Familiar Things
• Unique Use of Copyspace


• Connected Cities and Communities
• Product Development
• Smart Home Devices
• Wearable Tech in Business and Lifestyle Environments
• Robotics

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