Creative Brief

January 28, 2021

What to Shoot 2021

What to shoot for Stocksy? The short answer is everything and anything that stokes your passion and creativity! But for those curious to know more about our priority collection needs, we’ve compiled this list that will be updated as these grow and change over time.

Some of you may notice that the What To Shoot list is shorter than in previous years. We have intentionally tightened the list this year so we can better highlight the subjects that will add the most value to the collection and your portfolio.

Please note these topics are for current and future reference. We realize that with quarantine and social distancing measures currently in place, some subjects may have to wait until they can be shot safely.

A reminder that Stocksy Creative Briefs are intended to be read solely by the members of our cooperative.

People & Lifestyle

• Family connection and support
• Outdoor gatherings and entertainment
• Hobbies and creativity
• “A day in the life” documentations from morning to night
• “Same model” in different scenarios
• Mindful parenting and pro-environment activities
• Rural, small town, self-sufficient, and simplified living
• Multigenerational and extended family celebrations — in-person and virtual
• Home projects, housework, and chores
• Involved dads and grandparents


Community & Society

• Charity work, donations, volunteering, and fundraising
• Activism, advocacy, and protest
• Civic engagement
• Reducing, reusing, and recycling
• Community and neighborhood organizations
• Support for local economies
• Environmental action
• Creative communities and peer-to-peer platforms
• Urban gardening


• Home-based work realities — think about remote virtual team solutions
• Collaboration, ideation, and agreement concepts
• Recruitment, job interviews, and hiring
• Comfortable, lived-in office environments — consider low-maintenance wardrobes
• Physical distancing protocols in workplaces and retail environments
• Jobs outside of retail and office environments
• Finance themes
• E-commerce themes
• Real industrial automation technology — in use, not rendered
• Delivery, curbside pick-up, and contactless shopping experiences


• Stock market and finance themes
• Advanced tech — aerospace and robotics
• Global supply chain themes — importing, exporting, logistics, warehousing
• Renewable energy
• Natural resources industries
• Food Production
• Manufacturing and factories — small and large-scale
• Advanced tech — aerospace and robotics
• Local small business
• Product innovation, research, and development themes
• STEM industries
• Transportation and commuting themes and innovations

Technology & Innovation

• Haptic technology — introducing sensorial elements to virtual experiences
• Touchless/contactless tech
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Smart home devices
• Wearable tech for day-to-day use, health, and fitness
• Domestic/household robots
• 3D printing
• Device diversity — more non-Apple products
• Digital and cybersecurity themes
• Connected cities and communities

Architecture, Interiors, Space

• House hunting and buying
• Accessible architecture — universal design
• Commercial real estate with people
• High-end architecture and interior design details
• Eclectic, creative, and unique home decor
• Insurance themes
• Building development, engineering, and construction
• Home exteriors, gardens, and backyards
• Use conversion themes — think re-purposing real estate into community spaces
• Home sanctuaries, inspiration spaces, comfort nooks, and lived-in rooms
• Bringing nature to city, home, and urban environments

Food & Drink

• Restaurant ownership and management
• Nostalgic and comfort snacks/flavors/foods
• Outdoor dining solutions — home and restaurant
• Drive-thrus, pickup windows, and curbside service
• To-go and finish-at-home meal and beverage kits
• Vegan and plant-based meals
• Fast food, takeout, and delivery
• Grown-up, healthy, and/or sophisticated soft drinks
• Grow-at-home and sustainable foods
• Grocery stores, shopping, and delivery


• The business side of hotels — front desk, valet, concierge, etc.
• Isolationist travel — remote destinations and accommodation
• Local “backdoor discovery” tourism
• Off the beaten path destinations and experiences
• Quiet travel — inexpensive, low-key
• City skylines, architectural icons, street scenes
• Workations (i.e. working vacations)
• Low-impact, conscious, and sustainable travel
• The great outdoors
• Regional cuisine

Health & Wellness

• Vaccination
• Living with disease and health problems
• Playful, soft, uplifting hospital and clinic designs
• Telemedicine, Telehealth, and at-home testing
• Outpatient medical offices
• Mental health — conceptual and lifestyle
• Teen health — braces, acne, nutrition, exercise
• Physiotherapy and integrative healing
• Nutrition and vitamin/supplement regimens and personalized subscriptions
• Sleep health

Sports & Fitness

• Professional team sports
• Fans, sports stadiums, watching sports
• Dynamic action shots
• Sweat, grit, determination
• Live virtual workout classes, fitness
• Mind/body/focus exercise alternatives to yoga
• Youth sports
• Social and community clubs, groups, and leagues
• Relationship fitness — couples, families
• Alternatives to yoga, running, and Crossfit

Fashion & Beauty

• Intersectional and non-binary beauty
• Male beauty and wellness routines and products
• Mature models in beauty and fashion
• Nostalgic fashion
• Slow & eco-conscious fashion
• Customizable/Individualized fashion — print, design, assembly
• Low-maintenance fashion, hair, and makeup
• Haircare and hair shots
• Positive representation of blemishes and imperfections
• Plant-based and botanical beauty and skincare

Media & Entertainment

• TV and movie watching
• Streaming media to devices
• Creative home movie theatre setups
• Outdoor movies, concerts, and performances
• Content creation and distribution from home
• Peer-to-peer online creative communities
• Tabletop games and puzzles
• Online/VR/mobile gaming
• Screen-free creative activities

Art & Design

• Textures that speak to luxury lifestyle
• Nature-inspired forms, patterns, and textures
• Object collections, flat lays, and mood boards
• “Wabi-Sabi” aesthetic — irregular, imperfect, quirky minimalism
• Unconventional, rule-breaking design
• Quiet, calm, low-impact, noiseless designs
• Bauhaus design principles — spare, functional, geometric
• Finished fine art pieces
• Zero-waste packaging and eco-friendly household products
• Screen-free toys, games, and devices
• Curated kits, capsules, packs, go-bags, and boxes
• Toiletries besides skincare and makeup

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