March 16, 2018

Introducing Stocksy's Visual Search

Powerful image recognition meets curated content

When you’re trying to capture a mood, aesthetic or specific palette for a project, photos and videos are often the essential building blocks for conveying your message. As many of us are well aware, it can be really challenging to relay those concepts into keywords. We have good news, Visual Search — your new superhero tool — is going to change all that.

To begin using Visual Search, select any reference image, be it from the Stocksy collection or from your interwebular travels through your favourite inspiration sites. We’ve chosen this tattooed guy from Stocksy contributor kkgas as our example.

If you were to try and capture the essence of this image, you might start typing in keywords like these.

With Visual Search, you can just click the eye icon, drag and drop your photo into the dropzone and immediately get impressive, relevant photo and video results.

Visual Search drag and drop process

Visual Search was born of a desire to create more direct pathways for discovering high quality, useful footage and photos. If you’re hunting for content that meets Stocksy’s standards with specific production value, tone, quality, palettes, models or environment in mind, and you’re also a fan of saving time and energy, Visual Search is about to be your new best friend. So start scouring your favourite visual blogs and sites for inspirational photography to upload — you may be excited by what comes back.

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