May 15, 2018

This Is My Real Job

Accurate Representations of People At Work

If you have ever gone searching for imagery of a particular profession, there’s likely a good chance that you have uncovered unrealistic, embarrassing pictures of people unconvincingly performing caricatures of real jobs. You think to yourself, “What does a Biologist look like at work?” only to have your results showcase a homogeneous group of models in lab coats poking vegetables with comically giant syringes and wearing hazmat suits to look at tomato plants in nurseries.

Rest assured, accurate photos of real people working at real jobs do exist. For example, all the people below are professionals captured in their fields of expertise. The days of “doctors” remarkably extracting DNA with tweezers have taken a back seat to imagery of doctors doing what real doctors do — and we couldn’t be more thankful.

I’m a Commercial Fisherman

I’m a Truck Driver

I’m a Blacksmith

I’m a Surgeon

I’m a Welder

I’m a Teacher

I’m a Biologist

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