September 28, 2016

Shoot to Win! The #reelstock Mobile Video Contest

Since launching video this month, we have been loving the content streaming in from our members. Video can be shot on several mediums, and with the rapidly advancing technology in mobile devices, shooting high quality video on your phone is becoming easier and more accessible than ever. We want to see more experimentation with mobile video so we are inviting you to unlock your superstar videographer potential and capture some cinematic magic! Explore all the ever-expanding mobile video possibilities and become eligible to take home some videographer treasure.

1. Start Shooting

Shoot something that speaks to you. Be creative. We want video that feels, as long as it is taken with your mobile/smartphone.

Please shoot in the highest resolution available to you, either 1080p or 4k.

2. Tag #reelstock and @StocksyUnited to enter

Once you’ve chosen your best video, upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the required tags to be entered. Post as many as you want!

3. The Winner's Booty

A brand new, hot as hell DJI Osmo Mobile to stabilize your phone for ace video capturing. Valued at $299 USD, this saucy gimbal smooths out the movements you make, greatly increases low light performance and allows you to share video in real time. It practically turns every shot into cinematic video.

In addition, we’re offering an exclusive Stocksy United membership and invite into our community of contributors. A priceless offer, you’ll be challenged and encouraged to reach your artistic potential to create professional, stunning and relevant photography and video with some of the best artists on the globe.

Contest Timeline

The contest will run for 2 weeks beginning today, September 28th and terminating at midnight October 12th PST.

The winner will be announced on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at 12pm PST on October 19th.


There are none. Upload as many videos as you can. The world is yours. Make some art and share it with us.

A little help from your friends at Stocksy

If you’ve been considering shooting some reels on your smartphone and need a little help, check out the first instalment of our “Get Reel” video series for some simple guidelines, gadget shopping lists and choice apps for shooting pro video on your mobile.

There are some incredibly talented artists and visionaries out there, capturing raw video moments on their mobile phones. And we want yours! Shoot to win! #reelstock

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