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September 14, 2018


Diving much deeper than a visually engaging vintage sci-fi episode, Russian photographer Evgenij Yulkin’s “N O W N E S S” set speaks through the experiences of a gifted child, a protective mother, and a two extraterrestrial visitors to illustrate the complex concepts of prejudice and regret — both ignited and sustained by fear. “This story speaks with many voices,” Yulkin expresses. “Voices of those who exist in a fake world of human hypocrisy and experience all the pain of rejection every day, only because they are different.”

Approaching the apprehensions humans tend to have toward the unknown while addressing the pervasive guilt and fears that limit opportunities for reconciliation and connection is no easy task, but Yulkin’s passion for storytelling and skill with a camera create a compelling message in this set from E.T. touchdown to touching daddy-daughter reunion. See the full set here >>

“There’s no going back, mistakes do not matter anymore, but the aftertaste keeps haunting you.”
Evgenij Yulkin

Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Evgenij Yulkin specializes in photography and storytelling from the human perspective??. See more of Evgenij’s work at Stocksy >> 

Get more insight from Evgenij on the underlying themes in N O W N E S S on his website >>

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