September 6, 2014

#MobileMonth: Shan Dodd

Shan Dodd is an artist and roadkill collector, living in Upstate New York. Illustrating scenes from her dreams and imagination through photography, her Stocksy collection is rife with dark fantasy and whimsy. Below, Shan talks roadkill, Instagram, and why she shoots for Stocksy!

// What was your path to becoming a professional photographer?

In highschool I knew that I wanted to create photographs and have been doing it ever since. From there I set up shoots with people from my town and created scenes. I went to school for photography and recently graduated with my BA. I work at New York Fashion week twice a year and I’m starting to shoot video for some DIY crafts.

// How has the Instagram community impacted your experiences as a photographer?

Instagram has pushed me to photograph more things on the run. I am always so excited when I do post something new on my Instagram because I can’t wait to show what I have seen or made.

// In the stock industry, what are the benefits of being a mobile photographer?

I think that being a mobile photographer really does help you be even more aware of the beauty we have around us all day long. It keeps creativity flowing in my own mind.

// In what ways has travel impacted your work and style?

Thankfully I don’t have to travel far for my current job, so that leaves me more time to go on shoots and find new locations for photos. I live in a really pretty place so it is perfect for outdoor photo shoots.

// Could you share some of your favourite photos from your Stocksy portfolio?

My favourite photo would have to be the one of my sister laying in the grass with her arms up. I also love the girl in the bathtub under water, and me with a cicada in my mouth.

// Why Stocksy?

I had been following Stocky for a few months and noticed the call for artists. I applied not thinking I would be accepted in and here I am! There are so many talented photographers on this site, I just love looking at what everyone has on their profile. I am honoured to be a part of this group.

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