November 16, 2018

Elevate Your Customer Experiences with Stocksy’s API

Customer experience and satisfaction have been steadily increasing as key differentiators for successful businesses. As a matter of fact, customer experience has superseded pricing as a competitive edge and will continue to do so into 2019. Cheap competitive products will always make themselves available and simple services can be outsourced — but your unique customer experience is what will make a true impact and separate your company from the others. We can help you with that. Now, with the launch of Stocksy United’s stock photo API, you can elevate your users’ experiences by offering beautiful photos + footage, easily discoverable assets, complete legal coverage, and more. And they can accomplish this all without ever having to leave your site.

Easy Access to Beautiful Content

Stocksy United is a community of artists + creatives that believe imagery should be always be fueled by artistic fervor and integrity — and stock is no exception. Because every artist, photo, and video at Stocksy is hand selected, our collection is stunning, inspiring, and relevant. Our exceptionally high curatorial standards mean your users don’t have to search endlessly to find that perfect photo or video for their projects.

Customers Want Companies With Conscience

Modern consumers expect brands to uphold moral principles and value ethical practices. As a platform co-op, Stocksy deviates from the industry norm by giving a voice and providing fair pay to our high-caliber community of artists. Every contributor is an empowered Stocksy shareholder with the ability to influence change while receiving 50%-75% of each license sold. Take your customer service profile to the next level by showing your users that you support the modern ethical business that they can believe in.

Streamline and Save Time with Image Search API

Integrating Stocksy’s photo and video library into your CMS, PM apps and platform and licensing workflow ensures that your customers can search, download comps, license content, retrieve purchase history and view asset metadata all without leaving your website. This experience means that users are inspired, able to achieve their goals, and when they finally end their session, leave feeling positive and accomplished. That’s what every brand wants, and we can help you get there.

Get Started and Set Yourself Apart

Customer experience is a pivotal part of modern business and marketing – and you can stand out by offering an elevated customer experience driven by technological innovation, beautiful content and ethical business. Integrate, optimize and stay ahead of the curve with Stocksy’s image search API today. Contact us for assistance and answers at [email protected].

Stocksy United is an artist-owned photo + video licensing co-op run by relentless creatives and risk takers. We are motivated by a shared love of visual art, working together to inspire and elevate design that challenges convention. Created by artists, united by respect. ?

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