October 31, 2016

6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes to Die For

Putting together a Halloween costume is one of the best opportunities to get overenthusiastically creative. Unfortunately, for many of us, extravagant aspirations often get shadowed by the chaos and general “busy” that is life and all of a sudden, it’s the eve of All Hallow’s Eve.

Thankfully, nobody has to forego all festivities just because the papier-mache plan didn’t work out. There’s always a last-minute costume close by. Opt for a timeless classic and you’re sure to get in the Halloween spirit, costume-stress free.

The Witch

Whichever witch incarnation spellbinds you, prep time is minimal and chances are you can find something wicked enough in your closet to get witchcraft ready.

The Ghost

Nobody will ever get mad at you for being a sheet ghost. This classic is always a welcome addition to any house party or trick-or-treat neighbourhood stroll.

The Skeleton

Whether you opt for face paint with impeccably ghoulish bone structure, or you buy a boney leotard, the skeleton is a classically cool costume.

The Psychopath

This costume is as simple as tearing up an old shirt, staining with fake blood and carrying around a look of total derangement in your eyes throughout the evening. Also, normal street clothes accompanied by a random mask and a lack of speech is pretty upsetting.

The Animal

Here’s your chance to be the animal you always knew was inside. The giant, rabid, man-eating animal, of course. Best applied when jumping out from behind a tree at unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

The Clown

One word. It.

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