December 9, 2016

Welcoming Wreaths For The Holidays

The candles are lit, champagne is chilling, your flawless holiday playlist echoes from the speakers — and your perfectly cheery holiday wreath greets guests at the front door. From rustic to minimal, traditional to modern, a wreath ushers visitors into your home with festive flair. Whether you’re planning to get crafty, or enlisting the talents of your favourite florist, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite wreaths from the Stocksy archives for welcoming inspiration.

Go Traditional

Full, traditional wreaths are both classic and nostalgic. Opt for conventional boughs of pine, evergreen, fir or spruce, paired with pinecones, berries and bows.

Get Precious With Paper

If you don’t have access to natural elements or you just want to do something totally out of the ordinary, try this modern take on wreaths by using craft paper to create some floral fancies. Perfect for apartments and condos.

Forage Unique Foliage

Defy convention with a wreath comprised of trimmings from a single and unexpected source. Foliage such as berries, eucalyptus and boxwood are all unique, distinct and readily available.

Embrace The Unexpected

Embrace simple elegance with a rustic but unusual wreath. Adorn with festive accents or stick to the basics for a minimalist statement. Try dogwood and pussywillow for a truly unique feel.

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