February 11, 2020

Shedding a New Light on Easter Stock Photos

For most of us, Easter is about chocolate, eggs, and bunny ears on everything. As the world becomes awash in pastels, we tend to reach for bright, familiar, spring-themed imagery. But, as lovely as pastels are, there is a great opportunity to break the mold and stand out with something different. This year, your Easter stock photos can surprise people with thought-provoking shadows and dark styling.

It’s no secret that art history is trending in still-life photography. Visual storytellers, web designers, fashion houses and many other creatives have recently been calling to great masters like da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt for inspiration. And we can easily apply these classic techniques to Easter imagery.

Moody art direction appeals to our love affair with minimalism while offering an alternate take on the “less is more” aesthetic. By toning things down, we can add layers of sophistication and intrigue to otherwise ordinary Easter stock photos. This year, try embracing a deeper romance with Easter imagery for campaigns that are classic, contemporary, and compelling.

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Elegant Easter Eggs

Eggs have a special status during Easter. They’re symbols of rebirth and renewal. Easter is also celebrated at the beginning of spring, a time of rejuvenation and awakening. Photographers are capturing this sentiment with organic materials and intentional imperfections.

When photographer Mariela Naplatanova captured her beautiful wabi-sabi easter shoot, she was determined to create something different. “I felt that Dark Easter images with black eggs were missing in stock libraries. Easter stock photos can be beautifully moody,” Napalatova shares.

When shooting in this style, much of the magic lies in the imperfections. “When the shoot was finished, I felt content with all of the mess around me.” Naplatanova continues. “The photos were perfectly imperfect. Then I ate the eggs.”

Floral Photos

Flowers often act as supporting design elements to Easter images and can be integrated into campaigns easily. Stand apart from the bouquet bearing crowd and shine an unexpected, dark light on Easter florals. This aesthetic, although less flashy than most Easter imagery, still speaks to the anticipation of brightness to come. As winter’s darkness retreats, the use of natural light alludes to the promise of spring sunshine.

Natural lighting also creates intrigue and draws the viewer in. Photographer Nadine Greeff often uses this technique to highlight objects while leaving others up for interpretation. “The chiaroscuro style uses the contrast of light and dark to guide the viewer’s eye to a specific area of the image,” she says. “Certain elements are occasionally hidden in the shadows adding a bit of mystery.”

Chiaroscuro Chicks + Renaissance Rabbits

What came first, the chicken or the easter egg….or the easter bunny? Easter chickens and Easter bunnies are presented the same way year over year — flocks of bright yellow chicks and pink-eared, goofy rabbits. Which is nice. They’re familiar and we love them. But it also creates an opportunity to play against expectations. Dark styled Easter stock photos and footage don’t always have to be serious. We can contrast a sophisticated tone with some adorable subjects (like chickens at a dinner party) for a playfully creative take on Easter egg bearers.

Easter Sweets

What would Easter be without fresh baked goods and chocolate everything? Showcase the indulgent side of Easter with deep and decadent cakes and classic hot crossed buns. Images of fresh loaves cooling on window sills evoke the spirit of home and togetherness — and maybe the silent calm before Easter egg scavenger hunts and the storm of festivities.

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