November 9, 2016

Dress to Impress: Inspired Table Themes for the Festive Season

Dinner party season is upon us. Part of the fun in throwing a party is making your dining table look like it’s out of a magazine photo shoot (all the better to show off your cooking skills to your friends). If you haven’t already begun to decorate your home in festive bits and bobs, your aesthetic can really take any shape you like, which can be a daunting endeavour when you already have a whole dinner to plan. Take a creativity break and get some artful arrangement inspiration from these 3 tablescape themes; they’re sure to help prepare you for the most party perfect presentation this year.


The classic table setting is timeless and, well, classy. Imagine Dean Martin sipping a pinotage and tasting canapés while some smooth jazz plays in the background. Work with greens, cream and natural tones (think a few scattered walnuts, a couple of twigs and fragrant cedar boughs) with tasteful splashes of crimson and gold. Resist the urge to overdo it and opt for a clean, but festive aesthetic.


Modern palettes are a great way to let your inner decor diva run wild. Rather than opting for the traditional festive hues, try playing with unexpected, contrasting pops of colour. Work with robust floral arrangements and artistically altered natural elements for a fresh take on the holidays.


If you’re a lover of natural, textured, seasonal decor, this is the style for you. Think warm hues of orange, burgundy, deep greens and gold with aged wood, foliage and textured linen. You can easily keep it rustically minimal or go gourd happy. Both are party perfect, just make sure to leave room for the food.

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