October 9, 2018

Color Grading with Davinci Resolve

Welcome to color grading 101 — care of the Stocksy video team.  Let us walk you through how we use Davinci Resolve to edit and color grade videos for the collection. This powerful editing and color correcting tool has a free trial version that is more than capable to meet most users’ needs. Learn how we use it to get the most out of our footage.

Introduction to Color Grading

Senior Colorist, Alimzhan Alan Sabir covers the basics of reading the scopes, waveforms, and initial primary adjustments. These tips will allow you to achieve that ideal cinematic color grading look.

Davinci Resolve Tutorial

Advanced Color Grading

This video dives deeper into advanced grading techniques for Davinici Resolve. We’ll talk about nodes and adjustments like: lift, gamma, and gain. We’ll balance the overall clip, maximize contrast, adjust saturation, and then equalize hue vs hue. We’ll also add slight color tints to our shadows, while keeping clean blacks, to add separation. Subtle changes that add a clean cinematic look to your footage.

Introduction to Davinci Resolve

Gabi Bucataru explains how our video team uses Davinci Resolve to edit footage in the collection. He shows a full video workflow from ingestion to export, covering the basics of how to import clips and set up a sequence.

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