October 19, 2017

Call To Artists FAQ


How long will the Call To Artists (CTA) stay open?

As of now, the CTA is open indefinitely. We will give ample warning if we had any plans to change the duration of the CTA.

Can I submit images/videos that are currently with other agencies?

Yes, you can submit images and videos currently with other agencies for the application process. However, if you are accepted as a Stocksy contributor and would like those assets added to your public Stocksy portfolio, they will need to be deactivated from all agencies selling the images for license. If you don’t plan to deactivate those assets available for license with other agencies, please type “NON-EXCLUSIVE” into the title and description when uploading to the Image Manager.

Do I need to have an online portfolio / social media presence to be accepted at Stocksy?

There is no social media portfolio requirement for your application. However, having an online portfolio and active social media account showing consistency in your work will increase the likelihood of acceptance.

Do I need to attach model and property releases with my application?

Yes. Any time a recognizable human, private property or copyrighted product of work is in a photo or video, you must provide a release.

What is a “recognizable” person?

Regardless of whether or not you can see someone’s face, if the person in your image or video can recognize themselves through any distinct attribute (ie. tattoos, unique clothing, location, activity, or who they’re with) the image/video will require a release to be approved for your public portfolio. In general, it’s good practice to have every model you work with sign a model release, no matter how much or little of the person is visible. This protects you and the model from any potential legal pitfalls.

Do I need a release for a self-portrait? How about for my own children?

Self-portraits and images/video featuring your children require a release as it lets clients know that the image or video in question is acceptable for commercial use. Buyers have no way of knowing if the model is the photographer or if the children involved are of any relation to the photographer so each recognizable individual appearing in any content submitted to Stocksy requires a matching release.

Can I upload photos or videos to my application where it would be impossible to get releases?

Any imagery containing recognizable humans or property without the corresponding releases will be returned to you with a request for the release. If you believe the people in the photos are unrecognizable you may submit them for review, but they may be deemed at risk to be published.

Which information is required/optional when filling out a model/property release?

If you are unsure about what is expected in a release, have a look at this handy document.

What subjects are you looking for?

We are primarily looking for photos and videos that are part of narrative sets. We love imagery that tells a compelling story with memorable impact. In addition, in hopes of diversifying our content for an accurate depiction of the real world, we are looking for international imagery of varied cultures. Don’t go the cliché route here. We’re not looking for stereotypes. Just people doing people-stuff around the world.

Can you look at my portfolio and tell me if I should apply?

Your portfolio is your application. Just bite the bullet and apply. We’ll let you know if your collection is suited to Stocksy’s needs once we’ve reviewed your application.

When can I apply again if I get rejected?

If your work isn’t what we are looking for at this time, it’s probably best to give yourself some space to develop new ideas and material before reapplying. Look to how you can submit a new body of work that will stand out vs blend into what currently exists with Stocksy.

How long will it take until I get a response?

We are unbelievably overwhelmed by the response we’ve had to opening the CTA. It seems we’ve got a lot of community out there which is amazing! But this also means that it will take a little while for our team to give each application the care and thought they deserve. We will contact every applicant once their application has been reviewed but this may take up to a couple of months. We appreciate your support and patience as we consider everyone’s time, effort and creative energies.

What are the exact technical requirements for photo and video uploads?

  • Minimum 6 megapixels
  • We accept high-resolution digital files, film scans, polaroid scans and mobile images
  • Logos and trademarks must be removed
  • All recognizable people will need to be model released
  • All private property or copyrighted products will need a property release
  • Creative processing is encouraged but please be mindful of Stocksy’s natural aesthetic. Please no vignette, toning or added grain.
  • Minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • Clips should be between 5-30 seconds long.
  • Please remove all audio before exporting.
  • The footage cannot contain any logos, branding or trademarked items
  • Export trimmed footage as H.264 .MOV files at a very high-quality setting
  • If your camera shoots in raw or a native Log profile and has a micro 4/3” or larger sensor, you have the option to upload and sell your files as original & ungraded at a premium price. Export ProRes 422 .MOV files. If the video is from a 10-bit source, use ProRes HQ. Windows users can submit DNxHD or DNxHR
  • All recognizable people will need to be model released
  • All private property or copyrighted products will need a property release

Haven’t applied yet? More info on joining our global community of photographers & cinematographers here >>

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