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October 12, 2017

CREATIVE MINI BRIEF: Halloween Fun 2017

Halloween is the one time of the year that anyone can throw ordinary conventions out of the window and be whatever they want. It’s an excuse to participate in bizarre traditions like knocking on strangers’ doors for free candy, adorning outlandish getups and celebrating the darker, more mischievous side of entertainment.

There is a peculiarly freakish energy during Hallow’s Eve that shouldn’t be overlooked when capturing celebratory imagery. Bring this spookiness laden with debauchery and mischief into your Halloween portfolio and break some rules.

(Hero Image: Jun Takahashi for Uniqlo)

Photograph and film real kids getting ready for their Trick-or-Treating adventures. Detail the anticipation, the make-up and preparations, the act of running from door to door with costumed friends, and the pouring out of the night’s spoils.

(L: Rhythmic; R: Ben Lamonte)

There is often a divide in Halloween imagery that differentiates a child’s and an adult’s interpretation of the holiday. While kid Halloweens drip in candy and fun, adult Halloweens can lean more toward elegant and eerie elements. Try to combine both aspects of the holiday and depict a grownup Halloween that takes itself a little less seriously and looks like fun.

(L: Studio DIY! R: Studio DIY!; )

Dress-up with kids and pets, focusing on minimalistic and humorous touches.

(Left: A Joyful Journey; Right: William Crisafi)

We have a wealth of creative skulls, pumpkins, and sheeted ghosts. Be inspired to take on other Halloween classics in innovative ways – think eyeballs, black cats, witches, and haunted houses etc. Use these themes to create still life conceptual Halloween images with lots of space for text. Play with colour blocking and simple concepts.

(L: Brianna Harper; R: Eiko Ojala)

There is no better holiday that sums up teenage mischief than Halloween. Between smashing pumpkins, designing ridiculous costumes, attending out-of-hand Halloween parties, and generally roaming the night with a rebellious sense of youthful entitlement, there is plenty of inspiration to channel Halloween teen spirit.

(L: Pinterest; R: Miranda Lehman)

Look at everyday subjects and explore ways to make the ordinary unsettling or festively humourous.

(L: Natalia Drepina; R: Chas Clifton)

Break down your Halloween DIYs (think crafts, makeup and costumes) with step-by-step imagery for a fun, cohesive set. Think about defying gender norms when making costume choices.

(Counter-clockwise, Top L: wxfxw; Top R: James Charles; Bottom R: The Mayhem Diaries ; Bottom L: MilK Japon)

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