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September 20, 2017

CREATIVE MINI BRIEF: Fall Fabrics and Textures 2017

This autumn, to add another angle to your fall imagery portfolio, focus on narratives that communicate a sense of tactile intimacy, bringing the viewer into the experience. Favour cohesive sets that take us along for the experience of transitioning into cooler months through natural textures like wood bark and decaying leaves and fall fabrics that evoke warmth i.e. corduroy, velvet, suede, flannel etc. A sunny portrait can include autumnal visual cues with the inclusion of a cable knit sweater or wool socks and muddied boots.

Fashion is the obvious application, but remember to experiment with interior design and still life to diversify the application of these fabrics, shooting varied angles to explore material qualities and patterns. Close-ups that mix textures can create a feeling of depth and variance while wider angles can be employed to capture how fall fabrics set the tone for a broader concept or scene.

Set the mood by using a muted palette and an autumn landscape. Incorporate textures like golden grasses with hits of autumn debris. (Image Source: Tumblr)

Note the use of different textures and similar tones to maintain cohesion while adding  variance and depth. (Left to right – Image Source 1: Shelly Mosman; Image Source 2: Carina Olander)

Focus on complete fall outfits (ie. heavy jackets, hats, and boots) or one defining piece (ie. cable knit sweater) to add a sense of warmth to your narrative. Utilize fall colours like burgundy, deep olive and camel while experimenting with contrasting textures like leather and tweed. (Left to right – Image Source 1: Pinterest; Image Source 2:

Convey a sense of coziness that bleeds into your imagery by working with unconventional angles that bring the viewer into the experience. (Image Source: Instagram)

Utilise black and white or muted tones to emphasize texture variation in your imagery. This is a great opportunity to experiment with lighting to create contrast. (Left to right – Image Source 1: Instagram; Image Source 2: Feather Drum)

Experiment with wider angles and close-ups to convey intimacy and tactility, between people or within nature. Don’t forget to diversify your model choices. (Left to right – Image Source 1: Flickr; Image Source 2: Pinterest)

Explore the use of natural textures in the foreground to create intriguing patterns, or in the background to create compelling backdrops. (Left to right – Image Source 1: VSCO; Image Source 2: Tumblr)

Try capturing the qualities and details of one single type of fabric or mixing various textiles for depth. (Left to right – Image Source 1: Pinterest; Image Source 2: Architecture and Design)

Use bold patterns, colours and fabrics to give your fall imagery a pop of vibrancy. Deep jewel tones are just as synonymous with fall as earthy hues. (Left to right – Image Source 1: Tumblr; Image Source 2: 100 Layer Cake)

Search for other patterns that feel homey, such as the comforting repetition of books lined up on a shelf. Also, take advantage of the many options for showcasing fall textiles, on humans, animals, furniture, etc. Look for creative ways to extend your scope of potential applications. (Left to right – Image Source 1: My Domaine; Image Source 2: Kiel James Patrick)

*Don’t forget to tag your submissions with all included fall fabrics and textures. 

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