April 17, 2020

Imagery In The Time Of Covid-19

It’s safe to say that pretty much everything has changed for just about everyone in the world. As we all adjust to an ever undulating set of new norms thanks to COVID-19, we are challenged with how to visually represent our current realities. And if that wasn’t already a total mind fluster — most prospective photo shoots have been canceled. Worry not, we’ve got a whole collection of relevant stock photos and footage for you.

Although times are uncertain (how many times have we heard that lately), all your preciously planned projects and campaigns don’t have to come to a pause. People are looking for ways to ease anxieties and feel connected now more than ever. You can play a large role in forging that connection by showing your audience that they are seen, valued, and reflected in the media they interact with.

So, what are people doing right now? How are we coping? Here at Stocksy, we’ve been analyzing, listening, and responding to feedback from our global communities and what we’ve heard loud and clear is that there are a few key things that matter most at this time: Self-care, keeping it somewhat normal, solidarity in self-isolation challenges, and support for those essential workers that are supporting us.

In response, we have amassed 5 hand-selected gallery collections to help build visual campaigns and elevate them with the quality, style, and realness that we all need to see more of these days.

Quarantine-Friendly Self-Care

Introverted, extroverted, whatever type of verted you are, self-isolation and homebound quarantine will eventually grind away at anyone’s sense of sanity. Self-care is a crucial daily to-do now more than ever. Whether that looks like videos of skincare face masks and jade rolling, taking up a painting project, or getting on a wellness program (that could just mean a 10-minute meditation and a stretch), people will be looking for ways to release some endorphins and reconnect to the inner good vibes. Think online fitness stock photos with small children or pets adding an adorable interference to the experience.

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Getting Schooled at Home

Right now, high school and post-secondary students are being challenged with self-discipline and wrapping up their studies for the year with online classes. Younger children, on the other hand, are primarily learning at home with parents taking on the new role of sole scholarly educator. This is looking a lot like kids drawing at kitchen tables, music lessons in the living room, science experiments in the driveway, and reading by the window with various art supplies and pencil shavings littering the house.

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Reuniting With The Kitchen

Making and sharing food is the foundation of countless cultures. It offers opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and even love, plus the added benefit of being life-sustaining. Seeing as everyone who is stuck at home must eat and coincidentally need all of those things right now, it is the perfect time to showcase cooking stock photos of getting messy in the kitchen.

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Working From Home (WFH)

Needless to say, people are working from home (WFH) these days and there are a lot of new elements that interplay with familiar laptop stock photos: balancing children’s ever-present needs, sharing a small space with a partner, trying to create a makeshift home office in your already busy kitchen, or being stuck in a small space alone and having zero personal boundaries to name a few. But there’s no commute, the snacks are good, and the office attire can be a serious plus if you have your Zoom background on lock.

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Heroes On the Front Lines

While most companies have shifted their operations online, it’s become apparent that front line workers are really putting themselves out there to keep our lives running. Our visual media can do a lot to draw attention to these heroes and thank them for their hard work. Remember, aside from doctor stock photos there are cleaners, farmers, social workers, grocery clerks, deliverers, firefighters, police stock images and many more that represent the people that are sticking their necks out for us.

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