March 13, 2020

Call To Artists - Contributor Application FAQ


How do I apply to Stocksy?

All applications go through our Call To Artists page. All applications go through our Call To Artists page. You will be prompted to fill out a short form to let us know a bit about yourself and upload 10 images or videos to activate your application.

Why should I join Stocksy?

Being a Stocksy contributor and co-op member gives you not only handsome payouts (the highest in the industry) but also agency over your work and how you are represented. As a co-op member, you have the opportunity to drive business decisions through elections, resolutions, voting, and annual general meetings.

In addition to company control, you also have access to a global community of like-minded creatives for collaboration, feedback, inspiration, and general support. You may even make some new friends to stay with on your next international shoot.

How old must I be to join Stocksy?

In regulation with the British Columbia Co-op Act, the minimum age requirement an artist must be to join the co-operative is 16 years old. Pending on the applicant’s location will determine if a parental/guardian signature is required for membership.

How Much Do Stocksy Contributors Get Paid? (Royalty Split)

Our artists earn 50% Royalty on Standard Licenses and 75% of Extended Licenses. You can see the pricing of each of our license types here.

Contributors also receive profit-sharing in the form of patronage returns when the co-op has a surplus. Amounts are determined based on your contributions to the co-op through the sale of your photos and/or footage.

How long will the Call To Artists (CTA) stay open?

As of now, the CTA is open indefinitely. We will give ample warning if we have any plans to change the duration of the CTA.

Can my application expire?

If your Call to Artists application has been open for longer than 4 months, it may be canceled. You should receive an email notifying you your application is about to expire. If your application is canceled, you may start a new one at any time.

What are you looking for?

We’re on the hunt for creators who can add portfolio diversity and expand our collection into areas we haven’t yet explored. While we don’t require contributors to have years of industry experience, we do look for originality, consistency, boldness, and surprising work.

Preparing a marketable portfolio is important, but we want to see an application that accurately reflects your individual style, rather than an application that attempts to show us what you think we want to see.

What is Stocksy’s exclusivity policy?

Stocksy’s content is 100% exclusive. As a member, you’ll be free to continue working with other agencies, but you may not upload the same photos or videos to other stock agencies — including photos or videos from the same shoot. Personal portfolios, social media sharing, and print + product sales are totally ok though — i.e. they do not conflict with our exclusivity requirements.

Stocksy will license images and videos that have previously been available for licensing at another agency so long as there are no remaining exclusive or rights-managed license grants active. We cannot accept content from free stock sites as they generally require that you waive most or all rights to your content. Even if you remove your content from these sites, anyone who downloaded your photos or videos is free to do whatever they want with them, which may potentially include redistributing them. Because we cannot ensure exclusive rights are available to Stocksy, we cannot allow previously free content into the collection.

Can I submit non-exclusive photos or videos for review purposes only?

Yes, you can submit photos and videos currently with other agencies for the application process.

Do I need to have a social media presence to be accepted at Stocksy?

Social media presence isn’t required to be accepted at Stocksy but, a link directing to your portfolio or an Instagram handle is required for your application. Having both a portfolio and social media account showing consistency and understanding of the market can increase your likelihood of acceptance.

What are the technical requirements for photo and video uploads?



  • Jpeg format
  • Minimum 6 megapixels (approx. 3000×2000)
  • We accept high-resolution digital files, film scans, polaroid scans and mobile photos
  • For film scans, the highest resolution professional lab scans are preferred, but home scanning methods are acceptable if done with proficiency
  • Logos and trademarks must be removed
  • Recognizable people will need a model release once accepted
  • All artwork and private business locations, as well as some other private locations,  will need a property release once accepted



  • Minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Clips should be between 5-30 seconds long
  • Please remove all audio before exporting
  • Vertical video is accepted
  • The footage cannot contain any logos, branding or trademarked items
  • Export trimmed footage as H.264 files at a very high-quality setting
  • Must be in .mp4 or .mov files
  • Recognizable people will need a model release once accepted
  • All artwork and private business locations, as well as some other private locations,  will need a property release once accepted


Do I need to attach model and property releases with my application?

It is not required to attach model and property releases with your application but, keep in mind that Stocksy does require releases once you are accepted as a contributor. We encourage you to mention if you can get model or property releases in the more about me section of your application.

Can I upload photos or videos to my application where it would be impossible to get releases?

You may show us unreleased images or videos if you think it will give us a better idea of your overall capabilities, but we strongly prefer to see the types of images or videos you would be submitting to Stocksy if accepted as a member.

How should I post-process to achieve the Stocksy look?

We want to see your style rather than what you think we would want to see. We encourage our members to experiment and be creative while keeping in mind the ultimate goal of beautiful, timeless photos and videos. Here are some tips:

  • Show us a consistent style with purpose.
  • Be very selective when adding trendy effects to digital photos like vignettes, fade, fake lens flares, exaggerated color toning and split toning, etc.
  • Remove any added digital grain.
  • In general, we prefer to see white balance and skin tones neutral/natural, unless unusual colors elevate an image as a deliberate creative choice.
  • For those of you submitting video, leave in magic moment effects and blips when they happen, but don’t add in artificial ones.
  • Ensure your graded video submissions have a natural grade and nothing too extreme. Imagine clients licensing your clips to fill gaps in their projects and stories – you’d want your videos to have the most possible uses.


How long will it take until I get a response?

It takes time for our team to give all applications the care and thought they deserve. We will email every applicant once their application has been reviewed which may take up to 2 weeks. We appreciate your support and patience as we consider everyone’s time, effort, and creative energies.

Can I apply again?

We admire artists who continually improve their craft. If your application was declined in the past, don’t let that be the end of this relationship. Give yourself space to develop new ideas and material. Use this opportunity to create a new body of work that will stand out.

Can I apply in another format?

If your application is declined, you are more than welcome to apply again in the same format or opposite format you didn’t apply with the first time round. I.e. if you applied with 10 videos and were declined, you can immediately apply again with 10 photos as your second submission.

Ready to apply? You can find the application for joining our global community of photographers & cinematographers here >>

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