December 7, 2016

Christmas Tree Alternatives

There is a certain magnificence that goes along with having a real deal, evergreen conifer stationed in your house for the holidays. It scents the room, looks great at parties and is just so classically dreamy. But, unless you have a traditional ritual that brings you joy—picking out the tree, tieing the tree to the top of the car, having your face mangled by its festive foliage, cursing the damned tree, drinking the stiffest cocktail known to man while attaching it to its stupid stand (it’s still crooked, Babe) and then decorating the tree—adding a fresh fir to your home decor can be a serious debacle. Especially if you’re hefting it up a 3-story walk up or getting the evil eye from your strata council because of the needle trail you sprinkled from the elevator to your doorstep.

Don’t get us wrong, we love trees, but for those that wish to avoid the mess and still want to be fabulously festive, we have assembled a merry selection of alternative, hassle-free, condo-friendly Christmas trees for your crafty heart’s delight.

Minimal commitment, less mess, reduced cursing.

Get Lit

Quite possibly the easiest way to set up your “tree”. Forget the needles and eye poking potentials and, instead, bust out last year’s string of lights. Add some bristol board cut outs from your local craft store and you’re off to the races.

The Writing's On The Wall

Nothing says crafty fun quite like chalkboard paint. Doubles up as a great activity for the whole family.

Get Twiggy With it

Who says you need foliage to be festive? Decorate a house plant that has lost its leaves or forage for a rejected twig in the backyard. Decorate with gold and geometric shapes for a gorgeously minimal aesthetic.

Reusable Objects

Fake trees can easily look horrendously tacky. Avoid the walmart xmas feel and opt for a small, unusual colour or get really different and light up an industrial style “tree” for a completely unique feel.

Tape Shapes

Break out the electrical tape and get creative with this eye catching art deco tree outline. No fuss. Just fun.

Twine Bobbles And Bits

If the simple lights or tape tree are a little too modern for your traditional tastes, opt for some natural twine, colourful tape and classic ornaments for a rustically warm take on Christmas.

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