October 17, 2016

Carve-Free Pumpkins

Tradition is great. Tradition is timeless. But sometimes tradition is also cumbersome, dated and obnoxiously messy. Like when pumpkin carving season rolls around. Don’t get us wrong. We’re all about the spooky and hilarious jack-o-lanterns lighting up porches all over town, but the neat freak inside many of us gets all itchy and bothered at the thought of conducting pumpkin surgery around halloween. All that glop and elbow grease only to have your pumpkin creation shrivel, get smashed or be eaten by the local raccoons a few days later. This year, why not get imaginative and reinvent tradition with glittered gourds and carve-free crafts? Just try and pick your favourite from this selection of spectacular squashes. Go for gold, get spooky or make it modern.

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